New World Update 1.12 Patch Notes (Leaked) 29 November 2021

The New World Update 1.12 Patch Notes have potentially been revealed in a leak and the full list of changes will be exciting for fans. These changes include improvements to armor, crafting, expeditions and more. The full list of changes can be seen below.

New World Update 1.12 Patch Notes

Armor Balance

Armor balancing has been conducted across all armor types Light/Medium/Heavy

  • Medium armor is the standard armor and has a 0% bonus to damage and healing across the board.
    Medium armor base defensive statistics have been increased by 42%.
  • Light armor is now considered offensive support armor and receives a 5% bonus to healing and damage for each piece worn.
    (A set of Light armor now has 25% less defensive statistics than medium armor.)
  • Heavy armor is now considered defensive armor and received a 5% reduction to healing and damage for each piece worn.
    (A set of Heavy armor now has 25% more defensive statistics than medium armor.)

Comparatively the physical and elemental resistance values on a Tier 5 chest piece.


  • Shields no longer add to your carried weight.
  • Shields no longer have statistics but grant a 100% increase to sword statistics.
  • Small shields (Round/Buckler) increase sword base damage by 25%
  • Medium shields (Kite) provide no bonus to damage
  • Large shields (Tower) reduce sword base damage by 25% and increase threat generation 25%
  • Sword statistics have been adjusted to accommodate.



  • Added tweezers to jewel crafting.
    Tweezers can be used to remove gemstones from existing jewelry. Stones removed in this way will become uncut variants, and require re-cutting before they can be used again.


  • Many of the rare craftable armor and weapons have unique appearances, our data shows these are underused in the levelling progression.
    We have decided to change these items into craftable cosmetic items, these cosmetic items will unlock the respective cosmetic but require a reforming stone to apply their appearance.
  • Added reforming stones.
    Outfitters/Armorers and Weaponsmiths can now craft reforming stones of all tiers.
    Reforming stones use rare materials of their respective tier and allow a single application of crafted cosmetic items.
  • We have added Greater reforming stones to the cash shop.
    Greater Reforming Stones can be used on to cosmetic items, permanently allowing them to be applied at any time like purchased cosmetic items.
  • Added Shears and Straight Razor to engineering.
    Shears can now be crafted by engineering, in conjunction with a Mirror* will allow players to change their hair style.
    Straight Razor can now be crafted by engineers, in conjunction with a Mirror* will allow players to change their facial hair.
  • Added Azoth Infused Hide and inking needle to Arcana
    Azoth Infused Hide can now be crafted by Arcanists, in conjunction with a Mirror* will allow players to change their facial appearance/body type.
    Inking needle an now be crafted by Arcanists, in conjunction with a Mirror* will allow players to change their body adornments/tattoos.
  • Mirror*
    Mirrors can now be crafted by Furnishing. – See above
  • Crafting stations now have an option for training, this will consume less raw materials than crafting items to grant experience, but also not yield any items for salvage.


  • Dyes can now be used on all items including weapons and purchased/earned cosmetics.
  • increased the Alpha Layer on certain armor pieces to allow Dyes to be more visible.



  • The compass should no longer stop tracking items under certain conditions.
  • The distance of tracking for certain resources such as ore has been significantly increased.


  • Users should longer be prevented from using global chat channels after participating in certain activities.


  • Icons should no longer appear on top of each other.
  • Icons should now always display their correct images.


  • Added a Salvage all option to the end of crafting interface, there is also a check box to allow for excluding specific items.


  • Reworked expedition attunement orbs.
  • Removed the orb entry requirements for expeditions.
  • Expeditions can now only be done once per lockout*.
    A lockout can be removed by consuming an attunement orb, or will be removed automatically each day.
    Expeditions will incur a lockout* once the first boss is defeated.
  • Reduced the resource requirements to craft Attunement Orbs and they are no longer BoP.
  • Once per day, when killing the final boss of any expedition in a party with at least one member who has not yet defeated the expedition, you are guaranteed to receive an item at or above your current Watermark. This applies to each expedition.

Quality of life

  • increased run speed of the road travel buff from 10% to 25%
    being attacked by pvp will prevent the movement speed buff from re-applying for 20 seconds.
  • Travelling between player owned housing will no longer put the housing recall on cooldown.
    you are able to travel between player owned housing even if the house recall is on cooldown.
  • There is no longer a limit to how many trophies a player may have in a house*
    each house has a trophy buff interface to allow activation of any 5 trophies currently in that residence.
    the trophy buff interface is accessible from the world map.
  • The inventory can now be used while performing other actions such as harvesting/running without interrupting the player.


We have put a hold on making anymore significant balance changes until we see the effect of the armor balance changes and have fixed the remaining issues with perks not functioning as intended, there were however a few changes we feel could be made with minimal impact.


  • Reworked Defensive Formation – Defensive formation now makes the player immovable while blocking and under the effects of Final Stand. – we felt this would be somewhat of a QoL improvement in tanking for an ability that is currently underperforming.

Weapon swapping

  • Weapon swapping is now instant and uninterruptable, however it has been given 1 second cooldown.

Weapon lock and lunges.

  • Slightly reduced the weapon lock and lunge distance of certain weapons.
  • Weapon loadouts can no longer be changed (from the inventory screen) while marked as in combat.
  • Weapon loadouts can now be changed even if abilities are on cooldown, provided you are not “in combat”.


300 STR

  • Now longer grants grit on light and heavy attacks, instead reduces the duration of CC on you by 20%.

300 CON

  • Now grants grit on light and heavy attacks, no longer increases the duration of CC abilities.

300 INT

  • no longer lowers Azoth travel costs by 10%, now grants chance to instantly harvest nodes.

300 DEX

  • Now also grants a 25% chance to instantly Skin a target.

300 FOC

  • No longer grants 10% reduction on fast travel cooldown, now grants chance to instantly catch fish on cast.


  • Removed the Luck perk from equipment items (armor/weapons) – Luck will remain as a perk option for bags and housing trophies.
  • Harvesting luck still remains unchanged.
  • Adjusted loot table percentages to accommodate.
  • Equipment that previously had luck will receive a new random perk upon logging in.
  • Fixed the loot tables for chests giving less rewards than intended.


  • Adjusted the watermark system for weapons to be an average of your current combined weapons. – This means that the introduction of new weapons to the game should not be as significant as efforts to raise.

eg. if you have Nine weapons already at GS 600 and a new one is introduced it’s watermark will be: ((600×9)+500)/10) = 590

  • Armor watermark remains unchanged.


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