Borderlands 3 – Nagata Legendary Grenade Guide

Borderlands 3 – Nagata Legendary Grenade Guide

Nagata legendary grenade
Nagata legendary grenade

Here is how to get the Nagata legendary grenade in Borderlands 3, plus a look at the weapons shields stats and abilities.

Nagata Location & Guide

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Nagata Stats and Description

  • Radius: 192
  • Longbow Grenades Teleport to their destination
  • Red Text: Beltalowda!

A nifty teleporting grenade, the Nagata moves slowly before replicating into a giant ring of identical grenades, and warping to the target to explode in a consecutive firestorm of death. Fun fact: it’s red text is a reference to The Expanse, as the word  translates roughly to “the people of the (asteroid) belt”.

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