Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Weapons List, Stats, Gunsmith and Complete Gun Guide!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Weapons List, Stats, Gunsmith and Complete Gun Guide!

This Modern Warfare weapons guide will give you all you need to know about weapons in game.  Customisation options for weapons and complete guides for every gun.  Plus tips and tricks for what are the best weapons of each type and we will go over all the features, perks and abilities to give you the perfect loadout.

modern warfare weapons guide

Overview of all Modern Warfare Weapons and Guns!

Like most shooter games these days, there is a big selection of weapons and guns to choose from to fit your own playstyle and Modern warfare is no different.  Here are the essentials you need to know about the weapons in game.

The Primary weapon is likely to be the weapon you’ll be spending most of your time with, leveling it up, unlocking attachments, and using across gameplay modes. The Secondary weapon usually offers a back-up, or a different type of takedown option.

Modern Warfare’s guns are divided into eight classes, each of which can be equipped in either your primary or secondary weapons slots:

  • The primary weapons are Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Marksman Rifles, and Sniper Rifles.
  • The secondary weapons are Handguns and Launchers.

After selecting you weapon choice in the menu, you can open it up and customise it in the gunsmith.

Overview of the Modern Warfare Gunsmith!

After selecting any Primary or Secondary Weapon menu (except for Launchers, which have no attachments), you can access the Gunsmith menu. Here, you are presented with a wealth of easily-digestible information. You can see:

Equipped: This indicates how many of the five augmentations you’ve added. You can elect to attach less than five attachments, or none at all. It’s up to you.

Attachments: Using an Assault Rifle as an example, there are eight different areas on the weapon you can augment: The Muzzle, Lasers, Optic, Stock, Rear Grip, Magazine, Underbarrel, and Barrel. In addition, you can add a Perk, which doesn’t affect the look of the weapon, but offers a single additional effect, usually bestowed upon the operator.

As you play with a given weapon, it will level up and gain more attachments to choose from in the Gunsmith.

Weapon Stats: Naturally, you’ll want to have a bar chart showing the six most important statistics for the weapon you’re fiddling with. These stats show Accuracy, Damage, Range, Fire Rate, Mobility, and Control. Look for a future Blog post to dive more deeply into these statistics, and what they mean.

Preview: Naturally, you can rotate and zoom around the weapon you’re changing the appearance and statistics of, until you’re happy with the overall look.

Customization Options: The previously-listed options aren’t everything that’s available. We’ll show more information about weapon customization in a future blog post.

Modern warfare 1.13 changes

Useful Modern Warfare Loadout Guides & Lists

Modern warfare 1.13 changes
All Attachments List

Modern Warfare Attachments List of all available weapon mods at the gunsmith for customising weapons including all pros and cons for each of the guns.

modern warfare tier perks
All Tier perks List

Here you will find a list of all tier perks in modern warfare for you to choose from for your loadout.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Weapons List, Stats, Gunsmith and Complete Gun Guide! modern warfare weapon 1

All Modern Warfare Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are usually the most popular weapon type in any shooter game.  They are beginner friendly with automatic firing and low recoil, but maintain a good DPS.  Plus they are effective at close and mid range and even long range with the right conditions. This makes them a popular choice for not only new players, but veterans of the game alike.


Fully-automatic weapon which can be effective at longer ranges


Fully-automatic rifle that may feature some recoil when firing


Automatic rifle with a unique piston system that keeps fire rate high and recoil low

FR 5.56

3-round burst rifle that deals high damage if all shots connect


3-round burst rifle that deals high damage if all shots connect

Kilo 141

Automatic rifle with a steady fire rate and relatively easy handling


Semi-automatic rifle with a higher fire rate

FN Scar 17s

Automatic rifle that provides strong damage at range

What is the best Modern Warfare assualt rifle?

The game is relatively new but so far the the M4A1 is the best choice among players for assault rifles.  Its effective at short and mid range, has a good damage stat and fire speed and is easy to use for new players.  It makes the M4A1 not only the best choice assault rifle, but one of the best weapons to use overall.

All Modern Warfare SMGs

SMGs or sub machine guns work amazingly in most call of duty games thanks to the small map sizes and tight corners.  These weapons are fast firing and can dish out huge damage very quickly.  However, this comes with a negative effect of big recoil and makes the weapon only useful at short range.


Fully-automatic 9mm smg. Excellent stability and control


Compact smg with a high fire rate and low recoil


Fully-automatic weapon specifically designed for close range encounters


Bullpup smg with a unique magazine that fires high velocity rounds

PP9 Bizon

Overall balanced smg with a large magazine size


Fully-automatic open bolt submachine gun with excellent stability and control

What is the best Modern Warfare SMG?

the best sub machine gun in modern warfare is a choice of 2 weapons.  Either the MP5 which has good stats all round or the AUG which is equally good all round.  For me the AUG is the better choice, it has a slightly better accuracy, damage and range than the MP5, however has slightly worse recoil making it more difficult to handle, but its only a slight difference.

All Modern Warfare Shotguns

The shotgun is the ultimate close quarter combat weapon.  in close range, often a single shot can take down an enemy.  Each version has there own unique differences so you might need to test each to see which is the best fit.

Model 680

12 gauge pump-action shotgun


Break action shotgun with a 2 round capacity and a tight spread

R9-0 Shotgun

Double barreled shotgun which can rapid fire two shots before reloading

Origin 12 Shotgun

Semi-automatic shotgun with a large magazine size

What is the best Modern Warfare Shotgun?

technically the 725 is the best shotgun to use in game.  Its high accuracy and range make it extremely deadly, being able to 2 hit kill most players at longer range than the other shotguns, puts this one at an advantage.  Once you upgrade it further at the gunsmith, it is a really good weapon to use.  However its only got two shots in the barrel before you need to reload and so can get you into trouble easily.  While the model 680 is not quite as good stat wise, its larger clip size gives you more room for error and the ability to deal with larger groups of enemies, making it a better choice.

All Modern Warfare LMGs

The major selling point of an LMG is its magazine size, usually double that of any gun and so if you love to spam the shoot button, these are perfect for you.  Standing at a choke point, let rip and tear through waves of oncoming enemies without reloading for a long time, what can be better?


LMG proficient in high caliber sustained fire, but negatively affects you mobility


Fully-automatic bullpup lmg with a lower fire rate for effectiveness at further ranges


Fully-automatic lmg with a moderate rate of fire


Fully-automatic lmg with a high rate of fire

What is the best Modern Warfare LMG?

The best LMG in game has to be the M91.  Its superior damage outweighs any of the weapons negative effects like lower mobility.  If you want lots of mobility then you wont be using an LMG anyway, this is perfect for staying in one location and mowing down waves of players in a hail of bullets.

All Modern Warfare Marksman Rifles

The marksman rifles fill the gap between assault rifles and sniper rifles.  They dont have the same range, accuracy and control of the snipers and dont have the same mobility or fire rate of the assault rifle.   However if you like to be a bit more mobile than a sniper and have good accuracy to compensate, you can take down any enemy with a few quick shots.  Difficult to master but anyone who is a master marksmen is going to be tough to beat.


Semi-automatic longe range battle rifle

MK2 Carbine

High accuracy lever action rifle


Bolt-action type rifle that is lethal in the right hands

What is the best Modern Warfare Marksman rifle?

With the capability of killing enemies with one hit, the MK2 Carbine is the current number one choice of marksman rifle.  It requires a bit more skill from you as a player to master than the others, due to lower control and accuracy stats, but the damage more than makes up for that. 

All Modern Warfare Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are capable of one hit kills at long range.  They have high accuracy, control, damage and range stats, making them very dangerous weapons.  However they are really only effective at long range and limit mobility severely.  If that is your preferred playstyle then the sniper is the perfect choice for you.


Bolt action sniper rifle that deals tons of damage from a distance


Gas-operated semi-auto sniper rifle with a higher fire rate


Anti-material bolt action sniper rifle that deals extremely high damage at the expense of mobility

What is the best Modern Warfare Sniper rifle?

The Dragunov is a decent choice however its the AX50 which is the best sniper rifle.  It deals enough damage to take care of the enemy quickly, but does not sacrifice to much of its other stats like fire rate and mobility, which the Dragunov does.  The Dragunov has a higher range but usually in most call of duty maps, the map size is small and you dont need to be able to see so far, maybe if a battle royale version of the game is released, then the Dragunov would be a better choice.

What are Handguns in Modern Warfare

The number 1 tip for any shooter game is: its quicker to switch to your sidearm and shoot than it is to reload.  This makes your choice of secondary weapon extremely important.  This is where the handguns come in.

Modern Warfare Handguns List


Most powerful semi-automatic handgun. Effective up to mid ranges


Semi-automatic pistol with great stability


Semi-automatic pistol with great stability


Semi-automatic pistol with a moderate fire rate


Double action revolver with powerful damage and range

What is the best Modern Warfare Handgun?

The best choice secondary weapon is the .50GS, even according to the game itself, it says the .50Gs is the most powerful handgun.  It sacrafices control and accuracy for its higher damage stat, but as the purpose of the handgun is to finish off enemies instead of reloading your primary weapon, not all of your bullets need to hit.

All Modern Warfare Launchers

Slow firing, low ammo, extremely deadly and fun to use.  The launchers might be tough to use but they guarantee kills most of the time, even multiple kills at once.  There is no best launcher, there all fun to use and all capable of getting kills easily, you just need to use them at the right time and in the right situation.


Missile launcher with lock-on or free-fire options


Launcher which specializes in destroying vehicles


Unguided rocket launcher which fire slower projectiles, but deals more explosive damage


Missile launcher that can lock onto targets

All Modern Warfare Melee Weapons

Karambit Knife

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