Modern Warfare Warzone Weapons

Modern Warfare Warzone Weapons

With the release of the new call of duty battle royale we can take a close look at a list of Modern Warfare Warzone Weapons to better understand which of them is the best gun to choose.  Every weapon type has multiple weapons listed under it, each with there own pros and cons.  

We have listed all of them for you to easily select your favourites based on their stats and your playstyle.  As for weapon customisation options, there are no option for this because the weapons you find instead have different rarities, the rarer a weapon the better attachments will be equipped to it.  

Check out the full Modern Warfare Warzone Weapons guide below.

Modern Warfare Warzone Weapons List

Modern Warfare Hotfix Patch Notes

Assault Rifles

  1. FR 556 | Assault Rifle
  2. M4A1 | Assault Rifle
  3. KILO141 | Assault Rifle
  4. FAL | Assault Rifle
  5. RAM7 | Assault Rifle
  6. M13 CUSTOM | Assault Rifle
  7. AK47 | Assault Rifle
  8. ODEN | Assault Rifle
  9. FN SCAR 17 | Assault Rifle


  1. MP7 | SMG
  2. MP5 | SMG
  3. UZI | SMG
  4. PP19 BIZON | SMG
  5. AUG | SMG
  6. P90 | SMG


Sniper Rifles

  4. Shotguns
  5. MODEL 680 | Shotgun
  6. 725 | Shotgun
  7. R90 | Shotgun
  8. ORIGIN 12 | Shotgun


  1. SA87 | LMG
  2. M91 | LMG
  3. HOLGER 26 | LMG
  4. PKM | LMG
  5. MG34 | LMG

Marksman Rifles

  1. EBR 14 | Marksman Rifle
  2. MK2 CARBINE | Marksman Rifle
  3. KAR98K | Marksman Rifle

modern Warfare Update 1.10 Patch Notes


  1. .50GS | Pistol
  2. X16 | Pistol
  3. M19 | Pistol
  4. 1911 | Pistol
  5. .357 MAGNUM | Pistol


  1. Model 680 | Shotgun
  2. 725 | Shotgun
  3. R90 | Shotgun
  4. Origin 12 | Shotgun
  5. VLK Rogue | Shotgun


  1. PILA | Launcher
  2. STRELA P | Launcher
  3. RPG 7 | Launcher
  4. JOKR | Launcher
  5. MGL-32 Grenade Launcher


  1. RIOT SHIELD | Melee
  2. COMBAT KNIFE | Melee

Warzone Best Weapons

The best guns to choose right now in modern warfare warzone are the PP19 Bizon, MP7, FR 5.56.  There are also plenty of other decent options for long and close range, the X16, FAL, X50, Kar98k.

There are plenty of weapons to choose from in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone battle royale, each with their own unique characteristics to help you get kills and complete missions and daily challenges.


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