Modern Warfare Warzone Updates Whats Coming This Week Playlist Update Stimulus Duos Season 5

Modern Warfare Warzone Update (NEW) playlist update this week adds in shoot the ship 24/7 and 3v3 snipers, plus infected ground war. In Warzone stimulus duos returns along with plunders quads and new bundles including the Earth Expeditionary Force and Racing Series: Mach 8.

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates Whats Coming This Week Playlist Update Stimulus Duos Season 5

First, one of personal favourite playlists shoot the ship 24/7 is returning, they should make this permanent in my honest opinion.  Play a mixture of shipment or shoothouse, you guys don’t need me to tell you what it is.  Its perfect though for grinding challenges for the end of season.

Hop into 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only to test your marksman skills. Talk it up with your teammates and best the arena to find your spot and pick off the enemy.

Ground War gets re-infected in this large-map version of the popular mode. Fight to survive until the time expires to claim victory. Consider mid-range weaponry to pick off foes at a distance or a deadly close-quarters option for anyone who tries to sneak up on you.  

Finally later this week in warzone we will see the stimulus duos, If you have enough Cash when you’re eliminated, you’ll automatically redeploy into the match. No need for the Gulag. Stimulus redeploys players fast, so expect more frenetic play. Other Warzone playlists include Battle Royale Solos, Trios, Duos, and Quads and Plunder Quads but that means warzone rumble is most likely gonna be leaving.

Next a couple of new things in the store.  Get a new look for Charly with the ‘Earth Expeditionary Force’ bundle. Dressed for a tactical exploration of the beyond, don ‘The Outrider’ skin and move quickly with the Legendary Colonial Standard LMG. The bundle also contains a watch, weapon charm, calling card, and emblem shown in the image here.

Finally the Racing Series: Mach 8’ bundle. This racer-inspired bundle features red tracer blueprints the Autoclave SMG and Winner’s Circle Handgun and two vehicle skins to help you keep track of your ride in Warzone. Plus, get the ‘Start Your Engines’ vehicle horn that blares a race countdown sound. You can again see the entire bundle in the image on screen.


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