Modern Warfare Warzone Updates – Playlist Update Player Bans Rytec AMR Fix (Season 4)

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates – Playlist Update Player Bans Rytec AMR Fix (Season 4). Modern Warfare Warzone Update (NEW) Playlist update to warzone including Stimulus Trios and 200 player quads removed. Players are being banned for unknown reasons and a new fix to the Rytec AMR

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates – Playlist Update Player Bans Rytec AMR Fix (Season 4)

Well start with that fix to the Rytec AMR this was spotted by a reddit user Superman King and wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes but since the release of the new sniper rifle, its had zeroing issues, meaning bullets essentially are not hitting where you aim.  This issue appears to be fixed in this new update but its still not perfect as the gun is still not one shot killing like it should.

Next a new wave of player bans has removed tons of innocent players from the game.  Im sure some of you watching this have had this happen to you.  The biggest issue right now is that not only are innocent players being removed, but activision are completely silent on the issue.  In fact if you contact support all the have to say is all bans are final and not subject to appeal following an investigation by the enforcement team, which means they didn’t investigate and just copy paste this reply to everyone, but with so many innocent accounts reporting this, im sure they will have to actually look into it.

As it was a playlist update and no major changes took place like we saw last week during the mid-season update, there is no download required for this one.  When you turn on the game it will simply say its updating and the new changes will be applied.

The first big change is 400 player quads has been removed, this mode was a bit of a test run for the devs to see how adding more players worked out and to be honest it received mixed reviews.  Some liked the chaos of more players and others found it to be too much.  Plunder Blood money was also at 200 players for a bit and that’s now down to 100. 

The battle royale mini menu has been updated and with the removal of 200 player quads, standard quads has been added back to the game.  The playlist now allows you to play all 4 modes solo, duos, trios and quads.

Finally, BR stimulus trios has returned.  This game mode removed the gulag feature from the game and instead, will automatically redeploy any player who has enough cash on them to redeploy.  That makes collecting money super important for survival in game in this mode.


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