Modern Warfare Warzone Updates One in the Chamber, Plunder Returns, New Bundles

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates One in the Chamber, Plunder Returns, New Bundles. A new small update just released for modern warfare and warzone making changes to the playlist, plus we we know the return date for plunder after is controversial removal from warzone.

Let’s break down what has changed!

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates One in the Chamber, Plunder Returns, New Bundles

New Playlist Update

A new #ModernWarfare playlist update is now live for multiplayer, you will notice a new  mature content rating when you click on the multiplayer menu after the update.

· Added to the playlist Gunfight 3v3 Snipers Only

· Adding Gunfight Blueprints

· Adding One in the Chamber

· Adding Realism Ground War

A quick patch was also just applied to one in the chamber to make two adjustments: Join in progress is now limited to one minute after match start and changing the weapons to pistols only.

Plunder Returns

The playlist update for warzone on the other hand will be released tomorrow during the regular thursday update and its confirmed by infinity ward that plunder will be returning tomorrow but only the blood money variant of the mode.

New Bundles


Take a cold approach to battle with the ‘Wendigo’ Operator bundle to get the icy ‘Taiga’ skin for Krueger. Found in the ‘Featured’ tab, this bundle is packed with three Legendary weapons – the ‘Psychosis’ assault rifle, ‘Evil Manifest’ SMG, and new ice pick weapon with the ‘Crevasse’ melee blueprint. 


Want to make a splash in your next match? Have your enemies look twice at your gear when you equip goods from the ‘Notice Me III’ bundle. The bundle holds an Epic stylish blue ‘Dream Dasher’ blueprint that’s lets your foes know not to sleep on your skills. Fully customize your look with the Epic ‘Chibi Trooper’ weapon charm and the ‘Cute Cadet’ sticker and tell your opponents to take note.

The next modern warfare update will be released on Thursday June 18th.


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