Modern Warfare Warzone Updates New Season 5 Leaks & Whats New This Week In Game!

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates New Season 5 Leaks & Whats New This Week In Game!

Modern Warfare Warzone Update (NEW) Leaks for season 5 give us a look at 3 new weapons and a new weapon inspect feature, counter UAVs in warzone and this weeks new content.

Modern Warfare Warzone Updates New Season 5 Leaks & Whats New This Week In Game!

A new file leak gives us a preview of one, maybe 2 upcoming sniper rifles for season 5.  Twitter user BKtoor, shared leaked game files, seen here, that mention the Remington 700.  A real-life sniper rifle and one seen previously in call of duty like the original modern warfare. 

The next file is an image, but it’s a picture of the CheyTac M200 Intervention, again seen in a previous modern warfare title.  Right now, its unclear if one or both weapons are coming to the game, but the files are definitely in game after the season 4 update mentioning both weapons. 

The next leaked files from country man gaming shows us again the Remington 700 plus the AN-94, last seen in black ops 2, so 3 potential new guns coming to the game and that fits with how seasons usually progress, 2 new weapons for the battle pass and 1 to be added in the mid season update.

If you like to admire your weapon blueprints then your in luck as new leaked animations are now showcasing a weapon inspect feature.  Thanks to country man gaming again and the football chank who made the video on maya we can see the upcoming animations for the MP5, the grau and Ram-7. 

Knowing Activision though, these will probably be sold individually rather than just given for free.

If you didn’t already know in warzone after the latest update, counter UAVs have been added, but they require you to activate 4 uavs at once costing around 16,000 dollars.  However, a new image shows that the counter UAVs could be on there way to the buy station next season for the low price of just 500 and this could be a very big change to the meta. 

Especially for the better teams who can afford to have a constant uav active and hunt down other players all game. This can give the average player more of a chance and we know infinity ward want to make warzone accessible to the average player as much as possible.

This week coming to the game will see the return of gunfight tournaments, the 2v2 mode.  A new playlist called the bomb plant mosh pit and realism gun game. New bundles, the SERE Kit: Plunder Player Store Bundle that includes this awesome alabaster skin.  The Blood in the Water that includes the feeding frenzy shotgun skin. 

For warzone this week there are no planned changes and 200 player squads is here to stay for the time being.

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