Modern Warfare Warzone Playlist Update & Cod 2020 Teasers

Modern Warfare Warzone Playlist Update & Cod 2020 Teasers

All the changes and new content added for this weeks playlist update in modern warfare warzone, plus cod 2020 teasers.

Here is what the video features!

The latest modern warfare playlist update including new modes, bundles and playlists.  Plus new call of duty 2020 teasers suggest a link between summit and black ops cold war.

Modern Warfare Warzone Playlist Update & Cod 2020 Teasers

Bare Bones

Bare Bones strips away any of the add-ons and leaves you with signature Call of Duty combat in its purest form. No Killstreaks, no Field Upgrades, and no perks – just an Operator and their weapon. Choose your armaments wisely in this game mode mosh pit and rely on strategy, tactics, and gunplay to best your opponent.

Gunfight Blueprints

Play 3v3 and test out the latest new weapon blueprints even if you don’t own them with gunfight blueprint.

Shoot The Ship 24/7

Finally the 24/7 playlist this week is gonna be shoot the ship, one of the most popular playlists and my favourite as well along with Hardcore TDM and Kill Confirmed.  And if you are playing the free maps this weekend because you don’t own them, then the free map will change to shoot the ship on the 11th.

Warzone Changes

To warzone there is not a lot of difference this week, we stick with mini royale.  Also, players can battle in BR Solos Stimulus (auto-redeployment if players carry a certain amount of Cash at elimination), Duos, Trios, Quads, and Plunder Quads.

New Bundles

For this weeks new bundles Get a fearsome gold look in the ‘Executive Armorer’ bundle for Mace. Don the suit of gold and jump into action with two Legendary blueprints: Mother Lode and Royal Coffer with gold tracer fire. Also, included in the bundle the Golden Hew melee hatchet, charm, sticker, and a voice quip.

Next Go wild with the ‘Poison Dart’ weapon blueprint bundle featuring the Galapagos and the Anole. Both weapons focus on dart-like control and accuracy, so you can hit the bullseye of your target. The bundle also includes a calling card and animated emblem.  

COD 2020 Teaser

New teasers for call of duty 2020 hint at a link between summit and black ops cold war.

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