Modern Warfare Warzone Playlist Update August 18th

Modern Warfare Warzone Playlist Update August 18th

The latest modern warfare playlist update including new modes, bundles and playlists. The new operator is velikan one of the shadow company from season 5. The update is server side, so no 100 GB download required. The update goes live on august 18th at 6PM GMT.

Modern Warfare Warzone Playlist Update August 18th

Face off Mosh Pit

First we have face off mosh pit.  The Faceoff moshpit includes a mix of Gunfight maps including Season Five’s Livestock. Modes include hardpoint, grind and more.

Regular Moshpit

The second playlist this week is regular moshpit.  Take the fight to Oil Rig, Suldal Harbor, Cheshire Park, Hovec Sawmill, and Khandor Hideout for a mix of deathmatch and objective modes.

Cyber Attack Pro

Our final multiplayer playlist this week is cyber attack pro.  This variant of the objective mode no longer requires players to revive teammates, instead respawns are enabled for a faster and more frenetic gameplay. Find the perfect balance between eliminating enemies and completing the objective, then work to lead your squad to the Win.

24/7 Playlist

No mention of the 24/7 playlist this week so hopefully that will stay as shoot the ship.


In warzone this week more of the same, they have opted to keep mini royale in place of other modes like warzone rumble.  Solos, duos, trios, quads and blood money trios will also be available.  Also the weapon rotation for the Gulag this week is assault rifles and SMGs.

Velikan Operator Bundle

Velikan is an Operator shrouded in mystery, but respected and feared for his skills on the battlefield. His ten-item bundle includes the ‘Megalith’ skin, two Legendary blueprints, a Finishing Move, vehicle skin, battle horn, calling card, and more.

Eloko Operator Bundle

Grinch dons the ‘Forest Spirit’ skin in his new Operator bundle ‘Eloko’. The bundle includes a Legendary Crossbow and SMG, calling card, emblem, quip, and spray. Embrace the fighting spirit of the forest and pick up the ‘Eloko’ bundle in Store.

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