Modern Warfare Warzone 1.20 Update Changes

Modern Warfare Warzone 1.20 Update Changes

Modern Warfare Warzone 1.20 Update Changes

The new modern warfare and warzone weekly update is out today adding in new content to the game including a new weapon, new skins, a new contract for warzone and patch notes.  The biggest change is the new weapon customisation option in game that allows you to use blueprints in a new way.

Let’s break down everything changing in the update.

First the update requires a 15GB download and a game restart, after which the update will be applied.

warzone season 3 patch notes

Well begin with warzone as its gonna make a big changes to the game.  A new Contract has been added to Warzone – Most Wanted. Make yourself a Bounty Target for all teams in Verdansk when you activate this Contract and survive to get the ultimate reward – a redeployment for all of your fallen teammates.  Its gonna be interesting to see how this affects warzone going forward.

Weapon Blueprint customisation

Next Weapon blueprints now have a new use, this update allows you to mix and match attachments from blueprints of the same weapon to create epic hybrid blueprints that have unique looks, styles, and capabilities.

Mostly its gonna allow you have a unique looking weapon cosmetically but still cool.

Bruen Warzone

A new weapon has been added the MK9 Bruen LMG. This high accuracy and reliable damage weapon can be acquired via the ‘Encryption’ bundle or by completing a challenge found in the Weapons menu. Head to the LMG tab to find LMG Foxtrot and complete the associated challenge to earn the weapon or get the Legendary ‘The Glitch’ blueprint in the ‘Encryption’ bundle in the Store. 

Modern Warfare Warzone 1.20 Update Changes

Get some cool new stuff with the Pyromaniac bundle. This bundle includes a Legendary ‘Firestarter’ skin for Krueger, the fiery Caldera Legendary blueprint, a new Finishing Move, flaming Throwing Knives to swap out your standard lethal equipment, and more. Get the bundle for Modern Warfare including Warzone in the Store.

By the toe bundle

Finally, The Legendary SMG ‘By the Toe’ is a striped masterpiece that’s highly capable in taking out your enemies. The bundle is complete with a crown themed spray and tiger themed charm, so you’ll have the look to claw your way through the competition. Look for the ‘Fire Claw III’ bundle later this week.  

Modern Warfare Warzone 1.20 Update Changes 04F CONTRACTS 002 1

If your sick of gold weapons, the next level has appeared with obsidian camo’s.  Extremely tough to get but worth it to show of in game.

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