Modern Warfare Hotfix Patch Notes

Modern Warfare Hotfix Patch Notes

A new Modern Warfare Hotfix Patch Notes is out for the February 19th update.  This is only a small change to fix some bugs from the season 2 update and includes general fixes and one exploit patch.

Modern Warfare: Battle Royale Trailer & Season 2 Update Patch Notes

Modern Warfare Hotfix Patch Notes Details

General Fixes

  • Fix for Regiment tags not appearing as intended
  • Fix for players receiving the “Jockworth” error while in Gunfight Tournaments
  • Fix for a bug where numbers on the team roster and numbers on the COD Caster minimap did not correspond
  • Pointman: Fix for an issue where Killchain scores were being given for killstreak kills without having Killchain equipped
  • Fix for a CDL Gunsmith exploit

Modern Warfare Hotfix Patch Notes

The hotfix comes ahead of the march update which is rumoured to include a new battle royale version of modern warfare, although nothing has been confirmed officially.  

Despite this, daily reported leaks of in game content continue to appear online including details on weapons, vehicles and more.  With PAX East right around the corner, a call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale reveal might be on the cards.


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