Borderlands 3 – Marksman Red Suit Legendary Shield Guide

Marksman Red Suit legendary shield
Marksman Red Suit legendary shield
Marksman Red Suit legendary shield
Marksman Red Suit legendary shield

Here is how to get the Marksman Red Suit legendary shield in Borderlands 3, plus a look at the weapons shields stats and abilities.

Marksman Red Suit Location & Guide

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Marksman Red Suit Stats and Description

  • Recharge Delay: 2.3
  • Recharge Rate: 461
  • Deals a constant radiation damage per second to nearby enemies
  • Grants 100% Radiation Resistance
  • When shield is full, shots drain 30% shield for +20% Weapon Damage
  • When shield is damaged, 20% on hit to drop a Power Charge that increases weapon damage by 10%
  • Red Text: Warning: Containment failure.

This nifty shield will protect you from all forms of radiation damage – but your enemies won’t be so lucky. Anyone unfortunate enough to get close to you will suffer immense radiation damage, and you can use the opportunity to amp up your own shots whether your shield is full or damaged.

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