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Little Nightmares 2 All Hats Locations Guide

Little Nightmares 2 All Hats

Here are all 12 Hat locations in Little Nightmares 2. The hats are needed for achievements and can be worn by Mono as you play the game. There are 12 hats to collect in total in Little Nightmares II.

How To Get All Hats

Starting Hats

  • Paper Bag – Starting Hat
  • Mokujin Hat – Starting Hat (Downloadable Content)

Chapter 1 Wilderness

  • Fur Hat 0:35
  • Nome Hat 1:03
  • Yellow Rain Hat 5:37

Chapter 2 – School

  • Soccer/Football Hat 6:25
  • Metal Bucket Hat 6:40

Chapter 3 – Hospital

  • Bear Hat 7:07
  • Mummy Hat 7:39

Chapter 4 Pale City

  • Postman Hat 8:00
  • Baker Boy Hat 8:16

Chapter 5 & Ending

  • Stetson/Cowboy Hat – After Completing The Game

Discoverable Hats Walkthrough

The Racoon Hat

The first hat is the racoon hat and is located inside the very first house in chapter 1 the wilderness.  After leaving the kitchen head down to the hallway and go to the room on the left to find the hat.

Nome Hat

The second hat is found in the attic but is part of downloadable content and this chapter says there are 2 hats to find but if you get this one there are actually 3 in chapter 1.  After collecting the key in the attic, a small nome will appear wearing the hat.  Follow him and complete the puzzles to get the hat as a reward.

The Yellow Rain Hat

The third hat to find in chapter 1 is the yellow rain hat. After your first encounter with the hunter, you come to a bridge that you must jump across.  Just after the jump, the hat is located up a tree inside of a cage.

Soccer Ball Mask

The first hat in chapter 2 the school is actually just outside the school in the playground.  It’s a mask Sitting in the dumpster next to the main entrance.

Metal Bucket Hat

The second and final hat at the school is located Inside the school this time.  After the second teacher encounter, you will find yourself in a library, and you must move the ladder to reach it on a bookshelf.

Bear Hat

The first hat in chapter 3 is In the nursery next to the room with the Xray machine.  The hat is located in top of the shelf.

Mummy Hat

The second hat is located in the morgue.  After you encounter the doctor the first time, you find yourself in the morgue trying to reach a key.  The mummy hat is found here.

Postman’s Hat

The postman’s hat is easy to miss.  In chapter 4 pale city you will come across a mail room, there is a secret tunnel in the letters where the hat is found.

Baker Boy Cap

The final discoverable hat is in the toy store after the street with all the viewers standing around.  Move the shopping cart to get on to the shelves.

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