Little Nightmares 2 All Bosses With Cutscenes

Little Nightmares 2 All Bosses With Cutscenes

Little Nightmares 2 All Bosses

All Boss encounters in Little Nightmares 2 including the Hunter, Teacher, Doctor, Thin Man, and the final boss and ending cutscenes. The video contains lots of spoilers. There are 5 boss encounters in total in Little Nightmares II.

Boss Encounter Timestamps

  • The Hunter 0:00
  • The Teacher 8:06
  • The Doctor 19:24
  • The Thin Man 28:41
  • Six & Ending 39:10

Boss Info

The Hunter – Lives in the Wilderness outside of the Pale City. He has an obsession in taxidermy and hunts with a double-barrel shotgun, whilst using a flashlight to spot his prey.

The Teacher – a sadistic woman who teaches class in the School. She has the ability to extend her neck to great lengths, allowing her greater reach in finding and catching intruders.

The Doctor – a bloated monster who crawls on the ceilings. He’s the one behind all of the nightmarish experiments in the Hospital.

The Thin Man – the main antagonist of the game. He’s the one behind the transmission and the distortion of the Pale City, and possibly the entire Little Nightmares universe.

Six –  the deuteragonist and Mono’s partner

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