La Petite Mort – Far Cry 6

A complete weapons guide for the Unique La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher in Far Cry 6. Including how to get the weapon, stats, gameplay and more.

La Petite Mort

How To Get

Complete the Treasure Hunt “Sword Crossed Lovers” in Muerte Point


Rocket-PrLobbed projectile, explosive impact, mid- to long-range, lead your targets




Gwendoline, let this serve as a final warning. Should you read this missive, know that you have violated my trust for the last time. I have placed upon this weapon, my ancestral heirloom, a curse most foul, born of blood and flint and ire. You yet own my heart, darling, but you shall not own my empire. And the sweet death that brings new life shall be indeed final for you. 


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