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It Takes Two Achievements & Trophy List

It Takes Two achievements – It Takes Two has 20 achievements and trophies to collect worth 1000g or to get a platinum trophy. This list will help you to get 100% completion in no time.

Embark on the craziest journey of your life in It Takes Two, a genre-bending platform adventure created purely for co-op. Play as the clashing couple Cody and May, two humans turned into dolls by a magic spell. Trapped in a fantastical world, they’re reluctantly challenged with saving their fractured relationship by the suave love guru Dr. Hakim. A huge variety of gleefully disruptive gameplay challenges stand between them and their return to normal.

It Takes Two Achievements & Trophy List

  1. It Took Two – You did it! CO-LLA-BO-RATION! (100g)
  2. Minigame Megalomania – All minigames found! (100g)
  3. Fried Friendship – It takes two to… torture. (50g)
  4. Struck A Pose – Self-inflicted paparazzi. (50g)
  5. Faraway Frequencies – The truth was out there all along! (50g)
  6. Look At Him Go – Shoot for the stars, literally. (50g)
  7. Break the Bank – Guess it was time to cash out. (50g)
  8. A Daring Devil – Put on a show and die trying. (25g)
  9. Snackosaurus – Now look who’s extinct! (50g)
  10. Realize Your Art – Isn’t it pretty? That’s going on the fridge. (50g)
  11. On Rails Experience – Choo Choo! (50g)
  12. Platforming Prodigy – Helltower? More like hello-from-up-here-tower! (50g)
  13. Force Triangulated – Breathe some wind into your ocarina, my skyward princess! (50g)
  14. Lost And Found – Again? Keep track of your kids! (50g)
  15. Something Fishy – Don’t feed the animals! Or do, they’re adorable. (50g)
  16. Terror Of The Seven Seas – Scurvy! Ye look smashing, captain! (50g)
  17. Mood Swing – Took things a bit too far, didn’t you? (50g)
  18. Bug Sized Relaxation – Release that tension at the root level. (25g)
  19. Meditation Maestro – You reached a higher state of mind. Or at least some peace and quiet. (25g)
  20. Plastic Prison Breakers – They had no way out. (25g)

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