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Immortals of Aveum Weapons: All Magic Spell Types

Immortals of Aveum Weapons – Players take turns using three colored sigils that match weapon types from games like Counter-Strike and Halo. The blue sigil works like a sniper rifle, shooting long-range energy beams. The green one is a rapid-fire blaster, and the red sigil shoots short bursts for close-up combat, similar to a shotgun.

Immortals of Aveum Sigils

  • Purified Arclight (Pre-Order Bonus): This unique blue sigil unleashes enhanced power for Jak’s blue Strike spells and Shatter Fury spell, offering a substantial boost to their effectiveness.
  • Triarch’s Wrath (Deluxe Edition): Triarch’s Wrath is a versatile sigil that can be equipped as Jak’s red, green, or blue sigil. It amplifies critical hit damage, granting you a potent advantage during battles.
  • Lucian Shrikebolt: [No specific information provided.]
  • Oremic Breachfire: [No specific information provided.]
  • Lucian Stormshards: [No specific information provided.]
  • Wildland Seekershards: [No specific information provided.]
  • Lucent Maelstrom: Enhances Green Magic Power by 15, enabling more potent and devastating green magic spells.
  • Fragfire: [No specific information provided.]
  • Lucent Burstfire: Extends the maximum projectile distance by 100%, allowing for long-range attacks with increased accuracy.
  • Oremic Arclight: Boosts Arclight Critical Damage by 15%, making your critical hits even more devastating when utilizing the Arclight spell.
immortals of aveum weapons

Immortals of Aveum Red Strike Spells

  • Breachfire: Releases multiple wide bursts of Red Magic, similar to an automatic shotgun, ideal for dealing with groups of enemies.
  • Burstfire: Launches a ball of Red Magic that detonates after a short distance.
  • Fragfire: Casts a single, wide burst of Red Magic, capable of staggering enemies at close range or sending them flying.

Immortals of Aveum Blue Strike Spells

  • Shrikebolt: Fires precise and long-range Blue Magic bolts, a flexible option for skilled headshot players.
  • Arclight: Emits a piercing beam of Blue Magic, capable of hitting multiple enemies in its path.
  • Javelin: Releases a charged, long-range spear of Blue Magic, similar to a rocket, dealing significant damage.

Immortals of Aveum Green Strike Spells

  • Seekershards: Launches a volley of small Green magic homing missiles that relentlessly track targets, delivering high damage but fewer shots per clip.
  • Stormshards: Fires a swarm of homing projectiles, ideal for a run-and-gun playstyle, with decreased accuracy over sustained fire.
  • Maelstrom: Rapidly fires a volley of lightly homing Green magic projectiles that become increasingly accurate with sustained fire, but reduces movement speed while channeling.
green strike spells immortals of aveum

Fury Spells

  • Shatter: A powerful Blue Magic spell that rapidly travels towards targets, exploding in a burst of blue spikes, damaging all enemies in the area.
  • Bash: Propels Jak forward to perform a mighty blow infused with Red Magic, capable of staggering even large opponents.
  • Torrent: Launches seeking Green Magic projectiles at targets, delivering high damage and long-range offensive capabilities.

Control Spells

  • Lash: Uses Blue magic to pull smaller enemies towards Jak or draw Jak towards larger enemies.
  • Disrupt: Emits a beam of Red magic to interrupt enemy attacks and stun them.
  • Limpet: Launches Green magic blobs that attach to enemies, dramatically slowing them down.


  • Shield: Provides cover while casting Strike spells, enduring multiple hits before depletion and requiring time to recover.
  • Grapple: Utilizes Lash to grab onto anchor points, allowing manoeuvring in terrain and accessing hard-to-reach areas.
  • Hover: Enables jumping and short-duration levitation, facilitating crossing long distances or attacking enemies from the air.
  • Blink: Enables quick dodging to avoid enemy attacks, even passing through enemies and projectiles.


  • Immolate: Jak’s ultimate spell, charges over time to unleash a destructive beam of Red, Blue, and Green magic, capable of obliterating anything in its path.

In Immortals of Aveum, Jak possesses a versatile array of spells, each serving unique combat and utility purposes. From devastating Strike spells to powerful Fury spells, strategic Control spells, versatile Augments, and the awe-inspiring Dominions, Jak’s magical arsenal ensures an immersive and thrilling experience as you navigate the challenges in Aveum.

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