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Immortals of Aveum Achievements: All Trophies & Achievements List

Immortals of Aveum Achievements & Trophies List – All of the trophies and achievements for Immortals of Aveum and relevant guides to unlocking them. The list includes many common themes like collecting all of the games weapons, finding various collectibles and of course, story related achievements and trophies.

About Immortals of Aveum

Immersed in the world of Aveum, players are invited to join the prestigious Order of the Immortals, the revered protectors of Lucium. In this action-packed game titled “Immortals of Aveum,” you assume the role of Jak, an exceptional Triarch Magnus within the Order. With your unrivaled magical abilities, you must face hordes of enemies and challenge the conventions of first-person shooters.

The gameplay revolves around fast-paced and fluid combat, taking full advantage of spell-based mechanics. As an Immortal, you possess a deep understanding of magic, using it both offensively and defensively. Engage in battles where the mastery of spells is key, as you unleash devastating attacks and skilfully defend against your foes. By creatively combining the three forces of magic and executing precise timing for counters, players will be rewarded with powerful chained attacks.

Throughout the game, players have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade an impressive arsenal of over 25 unique spells and 80 talents. Additionally, the discovery, upgrading, and crafting of hundreds of magical gear pieces allow for customization and the development of a playstyle tailored to individual preferences. By synergizing abilities across all three forces of magic, players can strive to become the most formidable Triarch Magnus in all of Aveum.

The narrative thrusts Jak, an unexpected hero, into the heart of the Everwar—a perpetual conflict between Lucium and Rasharn, both vying for control over the realm’s magic. Together with Lucium’s elite Immortals, Jak embarks on a race against time to uncover the secrets of Aveum’s ancient history. Only by unraveling these enigmatic mysteries can there be any hope of salvaging the future of this extraordinary world.

“Immortals of Aveum” offers an exhilarating blend of immersive storytelling, fast-paced first-person combat, and the boundless potential of magic. As Jak, players will find themselves immersed in a captivating and perilous adventure, filled with epic battles, strategic decision-making, and the exploration of Aveum’s rich lore.

Immortals of Aveum Achievements

Immortals of Aveum Achievements & Trophy List

The full Immortals of Aveum Achievements and Trophies list is as follows:

  • Magnus of the Order Elite – Get all other trophies (PlayStation only)
  • Recruit – Complete the game on Apprentice difficulty
  • Lights Army – Complete the game on Magnus difficulty
  • Grand Magnus – Complete the game on Immortals difficulty
  • Socialite – Spoke to everyone at the party
  • Family Business – Spoke to Silas Mede about every topic
  • Diplomat – Spoke to Ambassador Damolie about every topic
  • Petite Bourgeoisie – Spoke to Magister Belming about every topic
  • Witch-Taker – Spoke to Hauser about every topic
  • Out of Time – Spoke to Orphe about every topic
  • Scholar – Collected 50 Lore Texts
  • Armsman – Fully upgraded 1 Legendary Sigil
  • Kitted Out – Fully upgraded 1 Legendary Totem
  • Best Dressed – Fully upgraded 1 Legendary Bracer
  • Armaments Azure – Obtained 3 Legendary Blue Sigils
  • Armaments Gules – Obtained 3 Legendary Red Sigils
  • Armaments Vert – Obtained 3 Legendary Green Sigils
  • Periapt Cerulean – Obtained 1 Legendary Blue Totem
  • Periapt Alizarin – Obtained 1 Legendary Red Totem
  • Periapt Viridian – Obtained 1 Legendary Green Totem
  • Enlisted – Defeated 100 enemies
  • Solider – Defeated 500 enemies
  • Veteran – Defeated 1,300 enemies
  • Master of Ultramarine – Unlocked all Talents in Blue Magic branch
  • Master of Carmine – Unlocked all Talents in Red Magic branch
  • Master of Malachite – Unlocked all Talents in Green Magic branch
  • Shroudfane Explorer – Completed 10 Shroudfanes
  • Shroudfane Surveyor – Completed all Shroudfanes
  • Tip of the Spear – Defeated All of The Six
  • Treasure Hunter – Opened all Golden Chests in the main story
  • Unforseen – Completed ‘Streetwise’
  • Battlefields Have Memories – Completed ‘The Magnus’
  • Maybe Engage a Little – Completed ‘Yltheum’
  • No More Names – Completed ‘The Immortals’
  • Initiate – Completed ‘The Hand of Sandrakk’
  • Thrada-Kul – Completed ‘Nocea’
  • Gravity Challenged Rocks – Completed ‘Exile’
  • All the Major Food Groups – Completed ‘The Magic Eaters’
  • Beggers Would Ride – Completed ‘Caldera’
  • Control is an Illusion – Completed ‘The Binding Mark’
  • The Means to Save It – Completed ‘Colossal’
  • Resilience to Sin – Completed ‘Ruin’
  • A Familiar Nest – Completed ‘Occupation’
  • Geas Aristeya – Completed ‘Glaivegate’
  • A Perfect Cycle – Completed ‘The Shrouded Realm’
  • Fowl Play – Found the bird in the Palathon
  • Backtracker – While looking for Thaddeus, returned from Kalthus to the Palathon
  • Good Boy – Pet the Veki

Can you miss achievements?

Unlocking all achievements in Immortals of Aveum requires completing a single full playthrough of the game. You won’t miss any achievements, and even after finishing the main story, you can continue playing in the post-game to search for collectibles if desired.

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