All 8 Ilum Chests & Secrets Locations In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Ilum Chests & Secrets

In star wars Jedi fallen order there are lots of collectibles to find on every world.  In this guide I will show you the location of all 20 Ilum.

Chests & Secrets.  These chests and secrets include New Poncho, Outfits, BD-1 Skins, Mantis Skins and lightsaber upgrades.

Before you begin looking for all the collectibles on Ilum, its best to play the main story first and unlock all the player upgrades like Jedi jump, Jedi grip and more.  Also BD-1 Upgrades are needed to reach certain chests, such as the Scomp Link Upgrade.

All Ilum Chests and Secret Locations

Shattered Lake

  1. Shattered Lake – Secret – Force Essence
  2. Shattered Lake – Chest – New Poncho Material – Companero

Jedi Temple

  1. Jedi Temple – Chest – New BD-1 Skin – Tibanna

Crystal Caves

  1. Crystal Caves – Secret – Life Essence
  2. Crystal Caves – Secret – Life Essence
  3. Crystal Caves – Chest – New Lightsaber Sleeve Power and Control II
  4. Crystal Caves – Chest – New Lightsaber Switch Power and Control

Imperial Trench

  1. Imperial Trench – Chest – New Lightsaber Material – Duraplast

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