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How To Get The Razorback Weapon – Starfield

In the vast and mysterious universe of Starfield, where the tools you wield determine your fate, weaponry stands as a testament to your skill and adaptability. Among the array of Starfield weapons that beckon explorers, the “Razorback Revolver” emerges as a potent contender. This comprehensive guide delves deep into the Razorback’s intricacies, unraveling its specifications, variants, modular capabilities, tactical significance, as well as the inherent strengths and challenges it brings to the cosmic battlefield.

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  • Type: Ranged
  • Class: Pistol
  • Damage Type: PHYS (Physical)
  • Ammo: 7.5MM
  • Clip Size: 6
  • Mass: 3.25
  • Value: 7000
  • Mod Slots: 8

The Mighty Razorback:

A testament to precision engineering, the Razorback Revolver unleashes formidable damage through its 7.5mm rounds. This versatile pistol strikes a harmonious balance between raw power and manoeuvrability, making it an essential tool for adept marksmen.

Modified Calibrated Excellence:

The example showcased—a Modified Calibrated Razorback—represents the epitome of customization. Enhanced by critical mods—a versatile recon scope and a precision-amplifying compensator—this variant pushes the Razorback’s performance to the pinnacle. Bethesda’s “Calibrated” legacy signifies heightened critical shot damage, highlighting the potential for pinpoint precision.

Personalization Possibilities:

Each weapon mod carries the potential to redefine the Razorback’s identity, rendering it a canvas for tactical mastery. The pistol’s adaptability underscores its role as an extension of your strategic approach, with every modification leaving an indelible mark.

Tactical Dynamics:

Harnessing the Razorback’s potent damage echoes the preferences of Bethesda’s Lead Weapon Artist. With the capability to harness white-hot ammunition’s raw energy, coupled with judicious upgrades, the Razorback empowers explorers with unmatched advantage on the battlefield.

How To Get The Razorback Weapon - Starfield

Pros and Cons:


  • Formidable Firepower: The Razorback’s high damage output makes it an optimal choice for dispatching foes swiftly.
  • Modular Versatility: With 8 mod slots, the Razorback’s customization potential offers strategic adaptability.
  • Precision Mastery: Capitalizing on the Calibrated mods, players can exploit critical shot opportunities with surgical precision.


  • Limited Ammo: The Razorback’s 6-round clip size necessitates prudent ammunition management in extended engagements.
  • Close-Quarters Constraint: As a pistol, its efficacy might diminish in confined spaces compared to larger firearms.


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The Razorback Revolver embodies a fusion of craftsmanship and adaptability, symbolizing the convergence of design innovation and modular mastery. As you traverse Starfield’s tapestry of possibilities, the Razorback ceases to be a mere tool; it’s your instrument of tactical brilliance.

This guide empowers you with profound insights, providing an immersive understanding of the Razorback Revolver’s anatomy, variations, modular potential, tactical relevance, and the dynamic pros and cons it brings to your interstellar odyssey. Armed with this knowledge, you’re equipped to command the Razorback, etching your saga among the constellations.

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