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How To Get The Negotiator Weapon – Starfield

In the expansive universe of Starfield, weaponry holds the key to both survival and conquest. One enigmatic addition that has ignited fervour among fans is the “Negotiator Starfield Weapon.” This guide delves into the intricacies of this potent armament, offering an all-encompassing comprehension of its attributes, advantages, drawbacks, and tactical implementations.

The Negotiator Starfield Weapon emerges as a pinnacle of advanced technology, promising players a formidable tool for engaging adversaries. As a presumed heavy-duty grenade launcher, this robust instrument is tailored for unleashing potent 40mm explosive projectiles, ensuring unparalleled devastation on the battlefield.

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Key Details and Stats:

  • Type: Heavy-Duty Grenade Launcher
  • Firepower: 40mm Explosive Projectiles for Maximum Devastation
  • Design Debate: While its reloading animation has been showcased, the specific classification of the Negotiator remains a subject of speculation. Theories oscillate between it functioning as an explosive shotgun due to design cues, and its considerable magazine drum size suggesting a grenade launcher identity.

The Intriguing Name – “Negotiator”:

The enigmatic appellation, “Negotiator,” alludes to its potential role as the ultimate conflict resolution tool, with a bang. This captivating moniker resonates with the growing anticipation surrounding the weapon’s imminent release, as players eagerly anticipate their chance to wield the Negotiator Starfield Weapon and test its explosive prowess within the vast Starfield universe.

The anticipation surrounding the Negotiator Starfield Weapon speaks to its potential to redefine gameplay dynamics in the Starfield realm. As speculation persists and excitement heightens, players stand poised to experience first-hand the raw power and strategic versatility encapsulated within this formidable armament. Stay attuned for further revelations as the universe of Starfield unveils the secrets behind the Negotiator’s explosive potential.

How To Get The Negotiator Weapon - Starfield How To Get The Negotiator Weapon Starfield

Pros and Cons:


  • Explosive Devastation: The Negotiator’s deployment of 40mm explosive projectiles guarantees unparalleled devastation, obliterating adversaries and structures alike.
  • Versatile Destruction: Its potential dual identity as an explosive shotgun or grenade launcher hints at tactical adaptability, offering solutions for both close-quarters confrontations and ranged engagements.
  • Psychological Impact: The awe-inspiring firepower of the Negotiator serves as a visual and auditory deterrent, potentially influencing enemy behavior on the battlefield.
  • Precision Demolition: For those adept at mastering its unique traits, the Negotiator’s projectiles might offer pinpoint accuracy in skilled hands.


  • Ammunition Management: Given its destructive potential, the Negotiator is expected to consume ammunition rapidly, necessitating vigilant ammo management to avoid being caught empty-handed in critical moments.
  • Close-Quarters Limitation: If proven to function as a grenade launcher, the Negotiator might face challenges in confined spaces due to potential self-inflicted damage.
  • Skill Demand: Mastery of the Negotiator’s firing mechanics, aiming trajectories, and effective ranges might require a learning curve, potentially deterring inexperienced users.

Recommendations and Strategy:

  • Strategic Application: Given the weapon’s potentially high ammunition consumption, consider reserving the Negotiator for scenarios demanding overwhelming firepower or when dealing with formidable adversaries.
  • Ammo Reserve: Maintain a healthy supply of ammunition or ammunition-generating equipment to ensure you’re adequately equipped to exploit the Negotiator’s destructive potential when needed.
  • Tactical Adaptation: Familiarize yourself with both its speculated functions – explosive shotgun and grenade launcher – to dynamically adjust your tactics based on the battlefield’s demands.
  • Master the Trajectories: Should the Negotiator’s projectiles follow non-traditional paths, investing time to understand and predict their trajectories can turn you into a force to be reckoned with.


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The Negotiator Starfield Weapon emerges not merely as an instrument of destruction, but a tactical enigma demanding strategic finesse. Armed with this comprehensive guide, you are equipped to harness its explosive power, navigate its tactical intricacies, and etch your mark upon the ever-evolving cosmos of Starfield. Prepare to embark on a journey where the Negotiator isn’t just a weapon, but a manifestation of calculated chaos.

This enriched guide equips readers with comprehensive insights, strategic advice, and an in-depth grasp of the Negotiator Starfield Weapon’s role within the game. Its aim is to empower players to make astute choices when wielding the weapon and to elevate their overall gameplay experience within the expansive universe of Starfield.

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