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How To Get The Master Sword In Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

How you get the Master Sword in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom. There are multiple ways to get the Master Sword in TOTK including the quest recovering the Hero’s Sword for helping the Deku Tree and finding all of the Geoglyphs. Or you can simply head straight to it if your stamina is high enough,. Either way the master sword is worth picking up.

How To Get The Master Sword | Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

The Master Sword In Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Step 1: Build your Stamina

Build your Stamina and Shrine Completion To begin your quest for the legendary Master Sword, you must first ensure you have enough stamina to wield its power. Two full stamina wheels are required, and you can acquire them by completing a total of 20 shrines scattered throughout the land.

Step 2: Locate the Elusive Light Dragon

Locate the Elusive Light Dragon Finding the light dragon, which guards the Master Sword within its head, is the next challenge. Although it may prove a bit tricky, fear not! I have a solution. The dragon follows a specific flight path that repeats every few hours in real-life time. I recommend studying a map of its route to track its movements accurately. Keep in mind that the dragon has been present from the start of your game.

Dragon Locations Map Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Step 3: Reaching the Dragon’s Domain

Reaching the Dragon’s Domain Approaching the dragon’s dwelling is no easy feat, as it resides near the top of the map. While there are various methods, I suggest two options. In a video demonstration, I utilized an archipelago with a makeshift Zonai device. However, the easiest and closest approach is through the water temple. You’ll still need the Zonai device to glide over to the dragon, but the water temple significantly reduces the distance you must cover.

Step 4: Claiming the Master Sword

Claiming the Master Sword Once you manage to reach the dragon’s majestic back, the time has come to claim the Master Sword as your own. Utilize the power stored within your two stamina wheels to pull the sword from the dragon’s head. With strength and determination, the legendary weapon shall be yours.

Step 5: Assistance in Tracking the Dragon

Assistance in Tracking the Dragon Should you encounter any difficulties during your encounter with the light dragon, fear not, for I have identified two missions that will aid you in tracking its location.

  • Option 1: Impa and the Geoglyphs Embark on the side mission titled “Impa and the Geoglyphs” to simplify your tracking efforts. Begin in Hyrule Forest Park, where you must engage in conversation with Impa. Following this, ride a hot air balloon to survey the vast map. Dragon tears have formed large images throughout, which you must locate. Admittedly, this method is time-consuming due to the map’s vastness, but it is relatively straightforward. Upon completing the mission, the light dragon will spawn, granting you access to the Master Sword.
  • Option 2: Recovering the Hero’s Sword (Advanced) This method is more challenging and is best attempted once you have obtained the Master Sword. Begin by initiating the regional phenomenon in Goron City, specifically the one located to the northeast. It’s advisable to purchase fire-resistant armor for 750 rupees at the start of this mission. Venture into the depths of the Lost Woods, paying close attention to a nearby chasm. Equipped with the fire-resistant armor, proceed cautiously, as the flames within the depths pose a threat. Eventually, you’ll reach your destination, where a battle against formidable enemies awaits. Defeat the gloom hands, utilizing bomb arrows, followed by the phantom Ganon, who is susceptible to the Master Sword’s light. Accomplishing this task will reward you with the quest “Recovering the Hero’s Sword,” marking the light dragon’s location on the map.

With these comprehensive steps, you possess the knowledge and guidance to embark on the heroic journey of obtaining the Master Sword. Unleash your courage, conquer the challenges, and wield the might of this legendary weapon!

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