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How To Get The Magshear Weapon – Starfield

The Magshear railgun is a fearsome weapon in Starfield, known for its rapid fire and devastating impact. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of the Magshear railgun, including its attributes, how to obtain it, and insights into using its unparalleled firepower on the battlefield.

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Magshear Railgun Overview:

The Magshear railgun is classified as a ranged weapon and falls under the rifle category in Starfield. It delivers physical (PHY) damage, with each shot dealing 13 points of damage. The railgun uses 0.50 MI ammunition, boasting an impressive clip size of 75 rounds. However, the railgun’s unique firing mechanism means it has zero rounds before reloading. Despite this, its fire rate is a remarkable 300 rounds per minute, allowing it to unload a torrent of firepower. The railgun has an effective range of 52 units and an accuracy rating of 66.5%. Its mass is 3.90 units, and its value is 28192 credits. The Magshear railgun features 5 mod slots for customization.

Obtaining the Magshear Railgun:

[This info is only speculation as the game is not out, details will be updated and include the exact steps and video walkthrough on September 1st]

To acquire the Magshear railgun in Starfield, follow these steps:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep up with official Starfield announcements, showcases, and updates from Bethesda. The Magshear railgun was first revealed as part of the game’s content.
  2. Quests or Events: Look out for quests, events, or achievements within the game that offer the Magshear railgun as a reward. Engage in these activities to earn the weapon.
  3. Vendor Exploration: Explore settlements, vendors, or traders within the game world. The Magshear railgun might be available for purchase or trade in specific locations.
  4. Unique Encounters: Investigate areas or encounters known for weapon drops or loot. The Magshear railgun could be located in specialized or hidden spots.

Mastering the Magshear Railgun:

Harness the raw power of the Magshear railgun with these strategies:

  • Rapid Carnage: The Magshear’s unique firing mechanism allows it to unleash an unparalleled barrage of shots. Use it to obliterate enemies and quickly clear out threats.
  • Suppression and Area Denial: Employ the Magshear to suppress enemies and control the battlefield. Its rapid fire can effectively limit enemy movements.
  • Reload Awareness: Due to the railgun’s zero rounds before reloading, time your reloads strategically to ensure you’re ready for combat when needed.
  • Accuracy and Cover: Maintain the railgun’s accuracy by firing in controlled bursts and taking advantage of cover when necessary.
How To Get The Magshear Weapon - Starfield

The Magshear railgun is a weapon of pure devastation, capable of rapidly unleashing a storm of destruction. Obtaining and mastering this weapon can drastically alter the course of battles in Starfield. Seek opportunities to acquire the Magshear railgun and embrace its unmatched firepower as you navigate the universe with confidence.

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