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How To Get The Maelstrom Weapon – Starfield

The Maelstrom SMG is a high-powered weapon in Starfield, known for its rapid-fire capabilities and close-quarters effectiveness. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of the Maelstrom SMG, including its attributes, how to obtain it, and insights into utilizing its unique characteristics on the battlefield.

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Maelstrom SMG Overview:

The Maelstrom SMG is categorized as a ranged weapon in Starfield. This rapid-fire submachine gun delivers physical (PHY) damage. It boasts a magazine capacity of 40 rounds, making it an excellent choice for unleashing a barrage of firepower. Its design, resembling a futuristic MPX or UMP, suggests a jury-rigged appearance compared to other manufacturer’s weapons. The Maelstrom’s defining feature is its exceptional rate of fire, surpassing most other weapons in Starfield. However, this high rate of fire comes at the expense of ranged accuracy.

Obtaining the Maelstrom SMG:

[This info is only speculation as the game is not out, details will be updated and include the exact steps and video walkthrough on September 1st]

To obtain the Maelstrom SMG in Starfield, follow these steps:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official Starfield announcements, showcases, and updates from Bethesda. The Maelstrom SMG was first revealed as part of the game’s features.
  2. Quests or Events: Look for quests, events, or achievements within the game that might offer the Maelstrom SMG as a reward. Participate in these activities to earn the weapon.
  3. Vendor Exploration: Explore different settlements, vendors, or traders within the game. The Maelstrom SMG could be available for purchase or trade in specific locations.
  4. Special Encounters: Investigate areas known for weapon drops or loot. The Maelstrom SMG might be located in unique or hidden spots.

Mastering the Maelstrom SMG:

Harness the power of the Maelstrom SMG with these strategies:

  • Close-Quarters Dominance: The Maelstrom SMG’s high rate of fire makes it particularly effective in close-quarters combat. Engage enemies at close range to make the most of its firepower.
  • Suppression and Burst Damage: Utilize the Maelstrom to suppress enemies or deal rapid bursts of damage. Its 40-round magazine allows for sustained fire.
  • Accuracy Management: Due to its lower ranged accuracy, focus on using the Maelstrom SMG in mid-range or closer encounters. Avoid using it while moving for improved accuracy.
  • Modifications: Experiment with weapon mods that enhance stability, fire rate, or damage output. Customization can tailor the Maelstrom SMG to your playstyle.
How To Get The Maelstrom Weapon - Starfield

The Maelstrom SMG stands as a formidable choice for close-range combat in Starfield. With its remarkable rate of fire and magazine capacity, this weapon excels at suppressing enemies and delivering bursts of damage. Keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire the Maelstrom SMG and wield it strategically to dominate foes in intense battles.

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