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How To Get The Equinox Weapon – Starfield

The Equinox Starfield Weapon, created by Combatech, holds a unique position in the diverse array of weaponry within the Starfield universe. It presents a mixture of challenges and potent capabilities tailored for specific combat scenarios:

Key Features and Characteristics:

  • Combat Range and Strength: The Equinox Starfield Weapon is designed primarily for close combat engagements. Its effectiveness diminishes over long distances, but it excels in confronting adversaries with substantial armor resistance. This makes it a formidable choice for facing well-armored opponents in close-quarters combat.
  • Ammunition and Clip Size: The Equinox laser rifle employs a distinctive ammunition type and can hold up to 20 shots in a single clip. This unique ammunition setup contributes to its tactical use and requires players to manage their shots effectively.
  • Role within the Crimson Fleet: The Equinox is commonly wielded by Crimson Fleet soldiers, indicating its association with a specific faction or combat strategy. This suggests a thematic use of the weapon within the game’s narrative and world-building.
  • Performance Comparison: In comparison to other weapons like the Grendel, the Equinox Starfield Weapon has a slower rate of fire and may scatter more when fired offhand. However, its per-shot damage output surpasses that of the Grendel, emphasizing its strength against well-armored targets.
  • Skill and Accuracy: Mastery of the Equinox demands a player’s accuracy and precision. It’s not an ideal weapon for those who favor a more spontaneous and spray-and-pray approach in battles. Success with the Equinox relies on the player’s ability to aim accurately and make each shot count.
  • Potential Modifications: While specific modifications for the Equinox remain unspecified, the presence of a cautionary label on the weapon hints at its potential to emit intense UV radiation. Players with the right expertise and equipment might discover ways to harness this radiation for combat advantages beyond conventional firepower.
  • Availability: For players seeking the Equinox Starfield Weapon, it can be found in random containers or specific locales within the Starfield universe. Notably, the Kreet Research Lab is mentioned as a potential location to discover this weapon.
How To Get The Equinox Weapon - Starfield

Equinox Acquisition

This Equinox can be acquired by (Coming Soon)

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