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How To Get The Drum Beat Weapon – Starfield

The Drum Beat rifle is a unique and versatile weapon in Starfield, known for its high-capacity magazine and rapid fire rate. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of the Drum Beat rifle, including its attributes, how to obtain it, and insights into maximizing its potential on the battlefield.

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Drum Beat Rifle Overview:

The Drum Beat rifle is categorized as a ranged weapon in Starfield and is classified as a rifle. It delivers physical (PHY) damage, with each shot dealing 8 points of damage. The rifle uses 11mm ammunition and features an impressive clip size of 60 rounds, providing a total of 1339 rounds for sustained combat. The Drum Beat boasts a fire rate of 160 rounds per minute, which makes it an exceptional choice for suppressing fire and laying down a continuous barrage. The rifle has an effective range of 40 units and an accuracy rating of 65.6%. Its mass is 4.30 units, and its value is 5606 credits. The Drum Beat rifle offers 7 mod slots for customization.

Obtaining the Drum Beat Rifle:

[This info is only speculation as the game is not out, details will be updated and include the exact steps and video walkthrough on September 1st]

To acquire the Drum Beat rifle in Starfield, follow these steps:

  1. Monitor Official Announcements: Keep an eye on official Starfield announcements, showcases, and updates from Bethesda. The Drum Beat rifle was first revealed during the June 2023 Starfield Direct showcase.
  2. Quests or Events: Legendary or unique weapons like the Drum Beat rifle might be tied to specific quests, events, or achievements within the game. Participate in these activities to earn the rifle as a reward.
  3. Vendor Exploration: Explore various settlements, vendors, or traders within the game world. The Drum Beat rifle could be available for purchase or trade in certain locations.
  4. Special Encounters: Investigate areas or encounters known for weapon drops or loot. The Drum Beat rifle might be found in hidden or unique spots.

Maximizing the Drum Beat Rifle’s Potential:

Unlock the full potential of the Drum Beat rifle with these strategies:

  • Sustained Fire: Utilize the high-capacity magazine and rapid fire rate to provide sustained suppressive fire against enemies.
  • Versatile Engagement: The Drum Beat’s versatility lies in its high ammo capacity and rapid fire. Use it to engage enemies across different ranges and situations.
  • Customization: Experiment with various mods to tailor the Drum Beat to your playstyle. Focus on enhancing accuracy, stability, or additional damage types.
  • Ammo Variants: Take advantage of the Drum Beat’s upgrade options. Consider equipping explosive or “whitehot” rounds for unique effects and enhanced firepower.
How To Get The Drum Beat Weapon - Starfield


The Drum Beat rifle shines as a unique firearm in Starfield, offering a blend of high capacity and rapid fire. Obtaining and mastering the Drum Beat rifle can significantly alter your combat approach, allowing you to lay down suppressive fire and adapt to various battlefield scenarios. Stay vigilant for opportunities to acquire this powerful weapon and unleash its full potential on your interstellar journey.

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