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How To Get The Cutter Weapon – Starfield

The Cutter Starfield Weapon is a pivotal tool within the Starfield universe, essential for resource acquisition and exploration. As players embark on their journey in Starfield, the Cutter becomes one of the earliest and most crucial implements, facilitating mining activities and resource collection.

Key Specifications and Stats:

  • Damage Capacity: The Cutter possesses a damage capacity of 4, indicating its effectiveness in dealing with various in-game challenges.
  • Damage Type: The prominent damage type of the Cutter is energy-based, aligning with its role as a precision laser cutter.
  • Fire Rate: The Cutter operates at a fire rate of 76 pulses per minute, showcasing its rapid and efficient resource extraction capabilities.
  • Functionality: Designed as a high-precision laser cutter, the Cutter excels in extracting prime resources like iron, nickel, and other valuable materials. It seamlessly integrates into gameplay, automatically equipping itself when the player activates the scanner mode and retracting when the mode is deactivated.
  • Versatility: The Cutter’s main purpose revolves around mining activities and resource extraction. Its role becomes increasingly significant as players traverse, mine, and establish bases within the Settled Systems, establishing its place as an integral component of the player’s arsenal.
  • Self-Recharging Fuel Tank: One of the standout features of the Cutter is its self-recharging fuel tank mechanism. This innovation ensures sustained operations without the need for constant ammunition replenishment. With a generous ammo capacity of 100 units, the Cutter empowers adventurers to explore and mine for extended periods, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity during planetary expeditions.
How To Get The Cutter Weapon - Starfield

Cutter Acquisition

This Cutter can be acquired by (Coming Soon)

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