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How To Get The Brawler Equinox Weapon – Starfield

The Brawler Equinox laser rifle is a legendary weapon in Starfield, known for its electromagnetic damage and unique bashing effect. In this guide, we’ll explore the specifics of the Brawler Equinox, including its attributes, how to obtain it, and insights into its distinctive qualities on the battlefield.

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Brawler Equinox Laser Rifle Overview:

The Brawler Equinox is categorized as a ranged weapon in Starfield and is classified as a rare laser rifle. It delivers electromagnetic (EM) damage, with each shot dealing 2 points of damage. The rifle uses 3KV LZR ammunition and features a clip size of 20 rounds, providing a total of 1220 rounds for engagements. The Brawler Equinox boasts a fire rate of 100 rounds per minute, enabling swift and continuous fire. The rifle has an effective range of 50 units and an accuracy rating of 66.5%. Its mass is 2.90 units, and its value is 2714 credits. The Brawler Equinox rifle offers 7 mod slots for customization.

Obtaining the Brawler Equinox Laser Rifle:

[This info is only speculation as the game is not out, details will be updated and include the exact steps and video walkthrough on September 1st]

To acquire the Brawler Equinox laser rifle in Starfield, follow these steps:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official Starfield announcements, showcases, and updates from Bethesda. The Brawler Equinox was first revealed during the June 2023 Starfield Direct showcase.
  2. Quests or Events: Legendary or unique weapons like the Brawler Equinox might be associated with specific quests, events, or achievements within the game. Engage in these activities to earn the rifle as a reward.
  3. Vendor Exploration: Explore settlements, vendors, or traders within the game world. The Brawler Equinox rifle could be available for purchase or trade at select locations.
  4. Special Encounters: Investigate areas or encounters where weapon drops or loot are known to occur. You might discover the Brawler Equinox in unique or hidden spots.

Utilizing the Brawler Equinox Laser Rifle:

Unleash the potential of the Brawler Equinox rifle with these strategies:

  • Electromagnetic Damage: Utilize the EM damage type to exploit enemy weaknesses and disrupt their shields or technology.
  • Bashing Effect: Leverage the Brawler Equinox’s unique legendary effect, which deals double damage when performing a gun bash attack. Use this to your advantage in close quarters combat.
  • Fire Rate: Make use of the high fire rate of the Brawler Equinox to maintain pressure on enemies and rapidly deplete their health.
  • Customization: Experiment with different mods to enhance the rifle’s accuracy, stability, or other attributes based on your combat preferences.
How To Get The Brawler Equinox Weapon - Starfield

The Brawler Equinox laser rifle is a legendary weapon that adds a distinctive electromagnetic twist to your arsenal. Obtaining and mastering this rifle can greatly influence your combat approach, allowing you to exploit enemy weaknesses and deliver swift, potent damage. Keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire this powerful weapon and wield it with mastery on your interstellar journey.

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