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How To Get The AR-99 Weapon – Starfield

The AR-99 Starfield Weapon, developed by Allied Armaments, is an innovative assault rifle that holds a significant place within the evolving landscape of armament technology. This rifle stands out for its impressive capabilities and unique attributes:

Key Features and Stats:

  • Ammunition: The AR-99 fires large 11mm rounds, which are considerably larger than the standards of modern ammunition. This results in a remarkable damage output with every shot, giving the weapon a reputation for being a powerhouse on the battlefield.
  • Damage Output: Thanks to its use of the substantial 11mm rounds, the AR-99 delivers devastating damage per shot. This factor makes it a formidable choice for dealing substantial harm to targets with each pull of the trigger.
  • Firing Speed vs. Power: While certain other firearms like the Grendel and Maelstrom might surpass the AR-99 in terms of firing speed, the AR-99 compensates with its exceptional raw power and brute force. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for players seeking to inflict significant damage within a short timeframe.
  • Stability and Recoil: The AR-99 boasts remarkable stability and minimal recoil. This feature ensures that shots fired maintain their accuracy and find their intended targets, even in challenging combat scenarios. Such stability is especially beneficial for players engaged in mid to long-range engagements.
  • Long-Range Performance: The AR-99 emerges as a strong contender for mid to long-range combat situations due to its stability and accuracy. For players who prefer engaging enemies from a distance, the AR-99 is an attractive choice within the Starfield weapon selection.
  • Precision Enhancement: To optimize its performance in extended-range engagements, players are advised to equip the AR-99 with a high-quality scope. This addition significantly improves accuracy, transforming the weapon into a deadly combination of power and precision.
How To Get The AR-99 Weapon - Starfield

AR-99 Acquisition

This ar99 can be acquired by (Coming Soon)

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