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The Outer Worlds Hope Bar Keycard Location

The Hope Bar Keycard in The Outer Worlds can be found by completing a quest called “The Cleaning Machine” on the Groundbreaker. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get it:

  1. Speak with Martin Callahan – After arriving on the Groundbreaker, head to the Customs area and speak with Martin Callahan. He will give you the “The Cleaning Machine” quest.
  2. Locate the broken cleaning machine – Martin will tell you that the cleaning machine is in the docking bay. Head there and use the terminal to find the location of the broken machine.
  3. Retrieve the Acid Steeper – To fix the cleaning machine, you will need an Acid Steeper. This can be found in the Rest and Go hotel, located on the promenade.
  4. Fix the cleaning machine – Once you have the Acid Steeper, return to the docking bay and fix the cleaning machine. This will complete the quest and Martin will reward you with the Hope Bar Keycard.
  5. Access the Hope Bar – Now that you have the Hope Bar Keycard, you can access the bar located on the Groundbreaker. The bar is located on the right side of the promenade, and the keycard will allow you to enter.

And that’s it! With the Hope Bar Keycard, you can access the Hope Bar and explore all it has to offer. Good luck on your adventure in The Outer Worlds!

Hope Bar Keycard Walkthrough

How To Get The Lost Hope Bar Keycard: Groundbreaker - The Outer Worlds

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