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Hitman 3 Mendoza Challenges Guide

Hitman 3 Mendoza Challenges Guide

Hitman 3 Mendoza Challenges Guide – There are 67 challenges to complete in the Hitman 3’s map Mendoza, including discovery, eliminations and feats. However, many of these Mendoza challenges require you to find certain items, certain areas or get keys, door codes and more. In this guide I will show you the location of everything you need to complete all of the challenges in Hitman 3s second destination Mendoza.

Mendoza Mission Items & Locations

All the mission items and locations are found in these linked video guides, or you can watch them all in the video playlist at the top of this post. The the challenges are listed below.

Mendoza Challenges List

Mendoza Assassination Challenges

  • versatile assassin – Complete the following versatile challenges in death in the family, piano man, someone could hurt themselves, hold my hair, straight shot, tasteless traceless.
  • Someone could hurt themselves – assassinate a target in an accident
  • Hold my hair – assassinate a target by drowning them
  • straight shot – assassinate the target with a headshot
  • piano man – assassinate a target with the fiber wire
  • tasteless traceless – assassinate a target with lethal poison
  • Notes of hemlock – serve Tamara Vidal a poisoned glass of pinot noir
  • Domestic Disturbance – Eliminate Don Archibald Yates by mariticide
  • The orator – Eliminate Don Archibald Yates with an MD-2 Microphone
  • Pencil pusher – Eliminate Don Archibald Yates with a pen
  • Get rid of a body – Eliminate Don Archibald Yates with a garden shredder
  • Firebrand – eliminate Tamara Vidal by electrocution
  • Pulp friction – Eliminate Tamara Vidal with a grape crusher
  • murder by proxy – Eliminate both targets by proxy
  • cold-hearted – eliminate Tamara Vidal by hypothermia
  • To loyalty – Eliminate Don Archibald Yates with a poisoned glass of 1945 Grand Paladin

Mendoza Discovery Challenges

  • Disguise yourself as a providence herald
  • Lago lurker – exfiltrate by boat
  • Shortcut cellar door
  • Cuckoos nest – Steal the sniper from the snipers nest
  • A vintage year – Steal the 1945 grand paladin
  • The cave – Exfiltrate Mendoza via the underground cave system
  • Grand theft auto – Exfiltrate Mendoza in Don yates car
  • Tastemaker – Disguise yourself as a waiter
  • Grape Picker – Disguise yourself as a Worker
  • Harvest Season – Harvest a ripe Malbec grapevine
  • Shortcut Backdoor
  • One last tango – Exfiltrate Mendoza with Diana burnwood
  • Chameleon – Find and equip all disguises in Mendoza
  • Into the sunset – exfiltrate Mendoza through the grapefield
  • Discover Mendoza – Reveal all undiscovered locations in Mendoza
  • Estate Wines – Collect Vinedo Yate’s Malbec , Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir
  • Scandal –
  • Hello Cowboy – Disguise yourself as a Guacho
  • Disguise yourself as an Asado Chef
  • Shortcut Maintenance Door
Mendoza Challenges
Mendoza Challenges

Mendoza Feats Challenges

  • QR codes – Scan all 7 Vinedo QR codes
  • A thick must – dispose of a body in the grape presser
  • Grapes of Wrath – Pacify someone with a cluster of grapes
  • Mission story the tour
  • Going Above – Gain access to the wine fridge by disabling the security doors and getting inside before the timer runs out
  • Closing statement –
  • Primary Fermentation – Hide a body in a fermentation tank
  • Mission story Eyes on target
  • Asador – Light the Asado fire pit
  • Secondary Fermentation – Poison both targets with gas
  • Melon head – target paint a watermelon for the sniper team with your camera
  • Tour Guide – Present three stages of wine production while disguised as the chef winemaker
  • Going Below – Gain access to the wine fridge via the ventilation tunnels
  • The talented Mr Rieper – meet Tamara Vidal for a private word in the cinema
  • Mission story over the top

Mendoza Targets Challenges

  • Eliminate Tamara Vidal
  • Eliminate Don Archibald Yates

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