Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Dubai Challenges

Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Dubai Challenges

There are over 80 challenges to complete in the Hitman 3’s map Dubai, including discovery, eliminations and feats. However, many of these dubai challenges require you to find certain items, certain areas or get keys, door codes and more. In this guide I will show you the location of everything you need to complete all of the challenges in Hitman 3s first destination Dubai.

Dubai Mission Items & Locations

All the mission items and locations are found in these linked video guides, or you can watch them all in the video playlist at the top of this post. The the challenges are listed below.

Dubai Challenges List

Dubai Assassination Challenges

  • Piano Man – Assassinate a target with the fibre wire.
  • Versatile assassin – complete the following challenges in Dubai: Piano Man, Someone could hurt themselves, Hold my hair, Straight Shot, Tasteless traceless.
  • Tasteless Traceless – Assassinate a target with lethal poison
  • Hold My Hair – Assassinate a target by Drowing them
  • Straight Shot – Assassinate a target with a headshot
  • someone could hurt themselves – Assassinate a target in an accident
  • Pick your poison – Assassinate Carl Ingram by making him eat poisoned food
  • Vertical Approach – Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant by pushing, dumping and pulling him over a ledge or railing.
  • Angry Birdy – Eliminate Carl Ingram by making him strike an explosive gold ball.
  • Black Gold Eye – Eliminate Carl Ingram by impaling him on his oil rig model in his office
  • Impactful art – Eliminate both targets with a single chandelier
  • Mile High Drop – Eliminate each target while they are in the air parachuting
  • Conserving Ammunition – Eliminate both targets with a single bullet using a sniper rifle
  • Steep Task – Eliminate Carl Ingram by pushing, dumping or pulling him over a ledge or railing
  • Icarus – Electrcute Marcus Stuyvesant using the sun in the Art instilation

Dubai Discovery Challenges

  • Discovery Dubai – Reveal all undiscovered areas in the Burj Al-Ghazali
  • Easy Breezy – Open all electronic window shutters using the phone
  • rotor man – disguise yourself as the helicopter pilot
  • Shortcut Penthouse Terrace Ladder – Unlock The shortcut at the penthouse terrace.
  • Wet Worker – Disguise yourself as Zana “The Vulture” Kazem Agent of crystal dawn
  • Rotor Ready – Obtain the helicopter key
  • Shortcut Ventilation Area Ladder – Unlock the ladder shortcut in the ventilation area behind the penthouse
  • Elite heat – Disguise yourself as a penthouse guard
  • Hot One – Disguise yourself as the chef
  • Toothpick – Obtain a scimitar
  • Waiter Cater – Disguise yourself as an event staff member
  • Shortcut Atrium Lobby Door – unlock the shortcut in the atrium lobby
  • Here Goes Nothing – Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via parachute
  • Grand Connection – Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via the penthouse elevator
  • Pocket Sized Empire – Obtain a skyscraper miniature model
  • Shortcut Helipad – unlock the ladder at the helipad
  • Ground floor please – Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via the atrium elevator
  • Key to the sceptre – obtain the penthouse key
  • Servant Exit – Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via staff elevator
  • Up and away – Escape the Burj Al-Ghazali via helicopter
  • For emergencies only – Obtain the evacuation keycard
  • Chameleon – Obtain all disguises at the Burj Al-Ghazali

Dubai Feats Challenges

  • Meet The Stuyvesants – Reunite with stuyvesants
  • Suiting Attire – Exit the Burj Al-Ghazali while wearing the skydiving suit
  • Precious Moments – take a phot of marcus stuyvesant being reunited with his daughter
  • Mission Story (In)security – Complete Mission Story (In)security
  • Geronimo – Trigger an evacuation by using the keycard readers in the penthouse
  • Chip and dip – Hack the server room without triggering the silent alarm
  • Cashing Out – Pacify the sheikh using a goldbar
  • Nightcrawler – Taka a photo of the Sheikh sleeping
  • Mission Story Bird of Prey – Complete Mission Story Bird of Prey
  • Disturbing the Peace – Disturb Carl Ingrum while he is on his dictaphone
  • Mission Story How the mighty fall – complete Mission Story How the mighty fall
  • Flying monkey business – Do the geronimo challenge but place bananas on the edge before the targets parachute to make them slip off.
  • Particular palette – serve marcus stuyvesant his requested drink at the art gallery bar
  • High rise drop – push or pull anyone down an elevator shaft

Dubai Targets Challenges

  • Eliminate Carl Ingrum – Eliminate Carl Ingrum
  • Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant – Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant

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