Hitman 3 – Bird of Prey Story Mission Walkthrough (Dubai Mission Guide)

How to complete the Bird of Prey story mission

How to complete the Bird of Prey story mission in Dubai in Hitman 3 and eliminate the targets Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant. This is one of three different story missions to complete in Dubai.

Mission Walkthrough • Disguise yourself as Zana “The Vulture” Kazem • Talk to Omar al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant • Follow the Assistant to the Meeting Room • Wait for Ingram in the Meeting Room • Listen to what Ingram has to say • Locate Hans Lucht • Take a picture of Hans Lucht incapacitated • Bring the Picture to the Assistant • Follow the Assistant to the Penthouse • Talk with Ingram • Eliminate Karl Ingram • Infiltrate the Staff Area • Locate The Missing Recruit • Disguise Yourself as the recruit • Present Yourself to the security Office • Wait For Marcus in the security Office • Give your orders to Stuyvesant • Follow Stuyvesant to the Balcony • Hit the 4 targets with the throwing knives • Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant

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