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Borderlands 3 – Hazardous Westergun Legendary Weapons Guide

Hazardous Westergun legendary weapon
Hazardous Westergun legendary weapon

Here is how to get the Hazardous Westergun legendary weapon in Borderlands 3, plus a look at the weapons unique stats and abilities.

Hazardous Westergun Location & Guide

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Hazardous Westergun Stats and Description

  • Accuracy: 71%
  • Handling: 58%
  • Reload Time: 2.4s
  • Fire Rate: 5.51/s
  • Magazine Size: 24
  • +20% Weapon Charge Speed
  • +75 Splash Damage Radius
  • 1.7x Weapon Zoom
  • Can switch between Cryo and Corrosive element
  • Red Text: I believe ya, but my tommy gun don’t

For a Maliwan gun, this SMG needs almost no charge time before you can unleash either cryo or corrosive bolts at a rapid pace with impressive splash damage, which is sure to cause chaos when going against bigger groups.

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