Halo Infinite XP Update Changes

A new update is being applied to Halo Infinite to deal with the low amounts of XP for players. These changes will make levelling the battle pass in halo a little bit easier for everyone.

343 Makes One HUGE Change In New Halo Infinite UPDATE

Halo Infinite XP Update Changes

One of the biggest issues with Halo right now is of course, low xp awarded with it taking over 20 games to level up the battle pass.  That is after they applied “Play 1 Game” Challenges, updated Weekly Challenges, and doubled the duration of 2XP Boosts.  Well now the game has been updated to give more XP from the first 6 games every day. So the changes are as follows:

1st Game = 300XP bonus 2nd Game = 200XP 3rd Game = 200XP 4th Game = 100XP 5th Game = 100XP 6th Game = 100XP 7th+ Game = 50XP

That awards players who play every day for at least an hour and with that XP you should be able to level up the Battlepass at least once a day with those 6 games.

Of course you can still use your Double Xp in those first 6 games to give you even more xp.

The update goes live tomorrow morning and will be monitored and changed again if needed.


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