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Guapo – Far Cry 6

Guapo is a pet crocodile in Far Cry 6 that belongs to Juan Cortez. However is one of five amigo companions that can accompany the player in game.

How To Get

Rewarded as part of the Far Cry 6 main story campaign and is given to the player early one.


  • Body Regulation: Automatically regenerate health during combat.
    • Unlock Requirements: Have Guapo revive himself five times.
  • Cornered Beast: When below 50% health, Guapo will gain damage resistance.
    • Unlock Requirements: Guapo must regenerate 3,000 health in combat.
  • Reptile Metabolism: Guapo’s self-revive will restore 90% health.
    • Unlock Requirements: Guapo must kill 50 targets.


There’s a reason Guapo’s kin never went extinct. He passively recovers health to keep fighting and self-revives after being downed in combat.

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