Gotham Knights Find a Way to Open the Hidden Door

Find a Way to Open the Hidden Door in case 1.1 of Gotham Knights when investigating the crime scene. The room is filled with clues that you need to investigate and the door to progress is locked, you must find a solution to progress.

Gotham Knights Keycode Puzzle Solution In Case 1.1

Find The Passcode

To solve the puzzle you must find the locked door and open it using a keycode, the room is filled with evidence and you must highlight the right ones and link them to unlock the code. Here is the solution.

  • Use your augmented Reality by pressing down on the d-pad
  • Look in the right corner of the room to see a mechanism
  • Follow the mechanisms cables to the lab table across the room
  • Interact with the keypad to start the puzzle
  • To get the keycode highlight the sticky note and the microwave
  • The two will have a green line between them and a code will appear on the microwave
  • Input the keycode 127

That is how to Find a Way to Open the Hidden Door in case 1.1 of Gotham knights, to see more guides and walkthrough’s check out our the main Gotham Knights Page.


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