Gods Will Fall Achievements List

Gods Will Fall. The gods’ torturous rule over humanity has lasted for millennia. Bent on cruelty and suffering, they demand to be served with blind worship through an oath of fealty pledged from every man, woman and child. To those who don’t submit to the gods’ will; a slow and merciless death awaits.

Gods Will Fall Achievements & Trophy List

Keep It SimpleComplete a playthrough without using any items40/P
Playing With Your FoodParry a God 5 times without taking a hit40/G
A New AgeKill all 10 gods and win freedom for humankind10/G
Perfect StartKill a god with your very first warrior attempt10/S
One Foot In The SoilDefeat a god with only a single pip of vigour remaining10/S
Untouched By The GodsBeat a god without taking a single hit of damage during
the fight
Sleep With The FishesThrow three vassals from the raft in the sea domain40/S
Pacifist RisingSurvive the elevator section, untouched using only parries
and throws
Staring Into The AbyssToss 10 enemies into the surrounding abyss in any single
dungeon visit
You Can’t Touch ThisDeliver 25 points of damage without taking a single hit40/S
UntouchableDeliver 50 points of damage without taking a single hit40/S
From Way Down-townKill an enemy with a thrown weapon, while airborne40/S
Special OfferKill three enemies with the same melee attack40/S
The Story BeginsClear the tutorial20/S
Berserker StrengthPerform a Tier 3 Roar10/B
Into The AbyssThrow an enemy off an edge, to their death10/B
Buried TreasureTrade with the Barrow Hag10/B
A Gift From The PastRetrieve an item from the old well10/B
A Hero’s EndLose a warrior to a deadly attack10/B
The Revolt BeginsDefeat a god10/B
A Second BiteEscape the Gutter in the Devourer’s domain10/B
Mind Your StepKill an enemy using an environmental hazard10/B
Shirraidh Has FallenDefeat Methir-Shirraidh10/B
Osseus Has FallenDefeat Osseus10/B
Breith-Dorcha Has FallenDefeat Breith-Dorcha10/B
Ogmios Has FallenDefeat Ogmios10/B
Carnoccus Has FallenDefeat Carnoccus10/B
Krannus Has FallenDefeat Krannus10/B
Lochlannarg Has FallenDefeat Lochlannarg10/B
Boadannu Has FallenDefeat Boadannu10/B
Morrigan Has FallenDefeat Morrigan10/B
Belenos Has FallenDefeat Belenos10/B
Desecration of BirthKill Methir-Shirraidh with her own arrow40/B
Desecration of BoneDefeat Osseus while he is on his back40/B
Desecration of DecayDefeat Breith-Dorcha with a single pip of vigour
Desecration of DevourerDefeat Ogmios after journeying through the Gutter40/B
Desecration of ForestDefeat Carnoccus without destroying any totems40/B
Desecration of KnowledgeDefeat Krannus’ guards within 5 seconds of each other40/B
Desecration of RiversDefeat Lochlannarg without ever being struck by his
Desecration of SeaKill Boadannu without killing any vassals during the fight
with her
Desecration of WarDefeat Morrigan with a Tier 5 weapon40/B
Desecration of WickerDefeat Belenos without being hit by his Radiant Sunlight
P – Platinum G – Gold S – Silver B – Bronze


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