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God of War Ragnarok Wiki

God of War Ragnarok is an action adventure game, and a sequel to the god of war game from PlayStation. This God of War Ragnarok wiki guide will give you all the information you need to complete the game and covers Weapons, Armor, Quests, Romances, NPCs, Maps, Walkthroughs, Collectibles and more! We will cover all the guides here and on our official youtube @LunarGaming

God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guides God of War Ragnarok Wiki
God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guides

What is the Story About?

Kratos and his teenage son Atreus begin to traverse the nine realms to seek out a means to prevent Ragnarök while attempting to uncover answers behind Atreus’ identity as Loki.

Their journey will lead them to Týr, the Norse God of War who was previously believed to be dead.

Their conflict will lie with Thor, the Norse God of Thunder who seeks revenge following the deaths of his half-brother Baldur and two sons Modi and Magni; Odin, Thor’s father and King of the Norse Gods; and ally-turned-enemy Freya, who seeks revenge following the death of her son Baldur.

God of War Ragnarok Guide Breakdown

How Long is the Main Story?40 Hours
How Long to Beat God of War Ragnarok?50-70 Hours
Is there Post-Game Exploration?Yes
Is there DLC?Not Yet
How many Trophies?36
Are Trophies Missable?No
Types of CollectiblesRavens, Books, Artifacts
Are Collectibles Missable?No
Secret AreasYes
Are there Cheats?No
Are there Secrets and Easter Eggs?Yes
God of War Ragnarok World
God of War Ragnarok World

God of War Ragnarok World

Find out all you need to know about the quests and side quests for the game and any secret and hidden areas to explore, plus guides for anything you need help with to complete your missions like collectibles, puzzles and more.

  • Main Quests List – Play the story campaign as Kratos
  • Side Quests (Favours) – Unlock rare gear and see the world with these optional quests.
  • Map Regions & Realms – Find out about the world & Secret Areas
  • NPCs – A list of all the games characters
  • Bosses – How to defeat all the bosses
God of War Ragnarok Raven Collectibles
God of War Ragnarok Raven Collectibles

God of War Ragnarok Collectibles

  • Ravens – Find these bird collectibles hidden throughout the world
  • Artifacts – Find these to get XP and money
  • Books – Find these book collectibles hidden throughout the world
  • Flowers – Collect one flower from each of the nine realms
  • Nornir Chests – Find all Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead
God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guides How to Upgrade Weapons god of war ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok Combat

Discover combat in god of war ragnarok with weapons, armors and abilities

  • Weapons – Find out about weapons, upgrades and combat
  • Sword Hilts – Cosmetic changes to your weapons
  • Runes – Weapon upgrades to improve them
  • Armors – How to get all armors in the game
  • Shields – Where to get all shields
  • Relics & Talismans – How to to get all of them
  • Amulet of Yggdrasil & Enchantments – How they work
  • Skills – A list of abilities for your player
  • Gameplay – Gameplay of combat and cutscenes

God of War Ragnarok Trophy List


  • The Bear and the Wolf – Collect all trophies


  • Ready For Commitment – Fully upgrade one armor set
  • Ragnarök – Battle the (spoiler)
  • Grave Mistake – Battle (spoiler)
  • The True Queen – Battle (spoiler)


  • Spartan Ways – Remember Your Spartan teachings 
  • Fully Belly – Obtain all of the Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead
  • Phlanx – Obtain all Shields 
  • Collector – Obtain all Relics and Sword Hilts
  • Dragon Slayer – Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set 
  • How It’s Going – Fully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil
  • Funeral For a Friend – Attend the funeral 
  • Full Gufa – Free the Hafgufas
  • Making Amends – Free the Lyngbakr 
  • It Was a Good Day – Retrieve Mardöll
  • Invasive Species – Complete all of the Crater Hunts 
  • Besties – Pet Speki and Svanna
  • Rightful Place – Return all of the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr
  • Pure of Hart – Return the Stags of the Four Seasons 
  • Trials By Fire – Complete the Trials of Muspelheim 


  • The Florist – Collect one flower from each of the nine realms 
  • The Librarian – Collect all of the Books
  • The Curator – Collect all of the Artifacts
  • How It Started – Equip an Enchantment 
  • Spit Shine – Upgrade one piece of armor 
  • Knock Off the Rust – Purchase a Skill
  • A Grizzly Encounter – Battle the (spoiler)
  • Blood Debt – Battle the (spoiler)
  • Backyard Brawl – Battle the (spoiler)
  • Root of the Problem – Battle (spoiler)
  • The Cauldron – Destroy (spoiler)’s cauldron 
  • Off the Leash – Battle (spoiler)
  • Comeuppance – Battle (spoiler)
  • Better Together – Battle (spoiler)
  • Rebel Leader – Return the Hammer of the Rebellion 
  • New Friends – Fetch Lunda’s orb

That’s our wiki guides page in God of War Ragnarok. For more God of War Ragnarok content, players can visit our previous articles below to get to know more about the game:

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