God of War Ragnarok Weapons: How To Get All Weapons

All weapon locations and sword hilts in God of War Ragnarok Weapons in God of War Ragnarok are split up into different parts and include Kratos’s main weapons and even a crossbow.

The weapons also have a cosmetic option with sword hilts available to find in the game world, which are also needed for the collector trophy alongside relics.

Here is a list of all the weapons in game that can be found, customised and upgraded:

God of War Ragnarok Weapons

There are 3 different weapon types in God of War Ragnarok. The axe and blades are Kratos’s main form of attack and both weapons make a return in 2022. The talon bow is another weapon returning to the game and can be used for long range attacks and for hitting objects to solve puzzles. The guardian shield will be in game but this time around there are two more shield options to choose from so you can fine tune your playstyle between parrying, blocking and tanking.

Kratos Weapons List

  • Leviathan Axe– The starting axe in god of war ragnarok can inflict frost damage on enemies. The axe can be upgraded
  • Blades of Chaos – The starting blade in god of war ragnarok can inflict burn damage on enemies. The blade can be upgraded
  • Talon Bow – The Bow can be used to attack enemies at long range. The bow can be upgraded.

Atreus Weapons List

  • Jotnar Bow – Starting Bow
  • Talon Bow – given during main story
  • Aesir Bow – given during the mission the Runaway

Freya Weapons List

  • Thrungva Sword – Starting weapon
  • Mardoll Sword – Complete the Freya’s Missing Piece favour to get this weapon that deals bifrost on enemies.
How to Upgrade Weapons god of war ragnarok
How to Upgrade Weapons god of war ragnarok

Complete Sword Hilt List

Weapons in god of war ragnarok can be altered to change the appearance of them, below is a list of cosmetic items for your weapons and how to get them in game:

  • Darkdale Axe Grip – Pre-order bonus
  • Darkdale Blades Handles – Pre-order bonus
God of War Ragnarok Weapons Customisation
God of War Ragnarok Weapons Customisation

Weapon Runes List

Weapon runes are equipable items you can attach to your weapons to improve them, this includes damage and elemental effects.

Weapon Skills

All weapons in game and Atreus have a skill tree that can be upgraded to improve the weapon type you are using.

That’s our guide for all the weapons in God of War Ragnarok. For more God of War Ragnarok content, players can visit our previous articles below to get to know more about the game:

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