God of War Ragnarok Tips: All Tips and Tricks

God of War Ragnarok Tips

All God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks – A list of all the tips and tricks we have gathered to help you out during the game, whether that be starting out tips, tips for combat, upgrades, enchantments, exploration or helping you gather hacksilver.


Tips For Beginners

  • Break Everything – Pots, boxes, and miscellaneous containers lying around may look innocuous, but sometimes you’ll find Healthstones, and even more importantly, Hacksilver!
  • Sell Stuff – There’s no reason to hold on to the Artifacts you find. Sell them for loads of cash early on.
  • Find Collectibles – Look for collectibles as soon as you start, find ravens to give you XP or look out for chests with upgrades in them
  • Complete your Labors – These are like in game challenges that reward you XP once completed
  • Use Your XP – Dont let your XP sit idle, upgrade skills as soon as you have enough of it
  • Run Away! – Some enemies are above your level, its OK to run away and come back later, or if you really want to fight it, do it from a distance
  • Hidden Paths – Atreus will often suggest you go off the main path, this is worth doing as there are plenty of hidden things and areas to find in the game including rare Armor, Enchantments, Runic Attacks, or weapon cosmetics, XP and hacksilver.
  • Buy and Upgrade Armor – As soon as you have enough hacksilver, purchase new gear as its the only way to improve your characters stats, making it easier to survive and defeat enemies. Armor can also be upgraded!
  • Upgrade Atreus – Make sure to unlock Atreus’s skills and armors just as much as Kratos’s as this will make him much more useful and reliable in combat, plus his stuff is usually cheaper to buy.
  • Interact After Fighting – When an enemy is in the area, the interact button does not appear, so after defeating enemies make sure to explore the area for any hidden stuff.

Combat Tips

  • Learn to Parry – You must time your parry exactly to the moment when an enemy strikes you to parry. Certain skills will boost your parring and having the right shield equipped to parry will help.
  • Learn Attack Patterns – Learn when an enemy attacks so you know when to dodge or parry, some enemies attacks change depending on how close to them you are.
  • Learn to Dodge – Like parrying you can time your dodges to be more efficient in battle
  • Dodge Offset – Performing a dodge during a combo, you can continue the combo after the dodge so if your combo is r1 r1 r1 r2 it can also be r1 r1 dodge r1 r2.
  • Red Attacks – You can’t parry attacks that are highlighted in red.
  • Stun Meter – Combining barehanded attacks with Atreus’s arrows can build up an enemy’s stun meter extremely quickly.
  • Execution – Some enemies when you finish them off have unique ways of dying that can deal damage to other enemies.
  • Takedowns – Kratos doesn’t take damage while performing an R3 takedown.
  • Heavy Attacks – Deal heavy attacks on downed enemies to deal massive damage
  • Runic Attacks – Dont forget to use them and switch them up depending on the type of enemy you are fighting. These can also inflict elemental ailments as well.
  • Run Attack Combos – Combine different rune attacks that work well together, like stun a group of enemies then a rune attack that deals damage in a large area of effect will work good.
  • The Right Weapon – Some enemies are immune to the Leviathan Axe’s icy attacks, so use your fists instead!
  • Bow – With that being said you have unlimited arrows, so use them!
  • Thin The Herd – Use Countering Strike or runic attack to push back enemies to fling smaller enemies off the sides of cliffs when possible to make some fights easier.
  • Combo Attacks – A heavy axe throw in the right spot of an enemy can freeze them. Use an R2 kick them into a wall for big damage, or kick them into other enemies to inflict those in the area of effect with frost.
  • Trip Up Your Enemies – Aiming at an opponents legs can make them fall down for a short time.
  • Mid-Battle Enemies – A white arrow indicator will appear on Kratos when a new threat appears on the battlefield. That indication turns red when the enemy is in attacking range.
  • Big Foes – They can damage smaller enemies when they attack.
  • Keep It Holstered – Sometimes you might forget to return your axe, the triangle on the bottom left will tell you if you haven’t.
  • Environment – Push enemies off cliffs, knock them into walls for stun damage and more.
  • Green potions – They are found around major encounters, make sure to leave them until you need them during the fight.

Rage Tips

  • Restore Health – Use rage as soon as your health is getting low to restore some
  • Rage Meter – Your rage meter will build faster earlier in the game as the meter is smaller
  • Upgrades – Be on the look out for chests that have horn of blood mead to increase your rage meter
  • Cancel – You can cancel your rage meter if you dont want to waste it, just press L3+R3
  • Rage Skills – Unlock more rage skills in the skill tree, the better ones unlock near the end of the tree
  • Not Effective – Revenant move to fast for your rage skills to be effective, so dont waste your meter on them
god of war ragnarok Rage Tips
god of war ragnarok Rage Tips

Health And Healing Tips

  • Health Drops – Some armors will offer health drops from enemies as a skill, make sure to equip an armor with that skill on it if you need more healing
  • Mystic Gates – Find them to give Kratos back all his health
  • Rage Mode – Activating rage mode gives back some health but so does dealing damage in rage mode.

Exploration & Collectibles Tips

God of War’s world has plenty to offer, including some incredibly helpful items tucked away in secret places. Use these tips to make sure you’re making the most of your journey.

  • Pots – Destroy every pot and vase to get a small amount of hacksilver which will build up over time
  • Ravens – If you’re hunting Odin’s Ravens, listen out for a twinkling sound and cawing.
  • Listen To Atreus – Atreus will almost always hint at what you need to do next or if there is somewhere worth exploring

Skills & Levelling Tips

  • Bonus Skills – If your skills glow in the skill tree then their bonus is unlocked.
  • Luck Skill – Upgrading your Luck increases your chance of getting more dropped items during a fight

Armor and Weapons Tips

  • Weapon Enchantments – Explore to find enchantment to improve your weapons
  • Armor Enchantments – Explore to find enchantment to improve your Armors
  • Find Armor – Armor Chests can be found in the games regions and are usually better than any you can buy/craft.
  • Upgraded Armor – Some lower tier but fully upgraded armor can be better than higher tier ones
  • Atreus’s Armor – Give him armor that will go with your playstyle
  • Enchantments – These can be changed before any fight to help you get the upper hand

General Tips

  • Controls – You can remap the controls to suit your playstyle if your having trouble with them

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