Ghost Recon Breakpoint How to Kill a Terminator

Ghost Recon Breakpoint How to Kill a Terminator

A new Live event has arrived for Ghost Recon Breakpoint adding in some well known cyborgs of the future, Terminators.  This guide will show you how to fight these tough enemies to take them down permanently.

How to Kill a Terminator

How to Kill a Terminator Guide

Terminators in ghost recon breakpoint cannot be killed by regular weapons.  You can deplete there energy with regular guns and a lot of bullets but to finish them off you need to use the Signature weapon MK14 Termination.  The weapon is rewarded by doing the first mission in the Terminator Event.


First deplete the Terminators health with any weapon, then once done a weak spot will appear and you must shoot it with the MK14 to kill the terminator.  Be careful though and stay at a distance, the robot from the future does big damage.

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