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Fuck Anton – Far Cry 6

A complete weapons guide for the Unique Fuck Anton Rifle in Far Cry 6. Including how to get the weapon, stats, gameplay and more.

Fuck Anton
Fuck Anton

How To Get

Start and complete Chorizo’s Yaran Story “Fetch Quest“. During this quest, Chorizo will give you the “Mysterious Key”, which can be used to unlock this weapon chest on Isla Santuario > Quito > Prado Meadows > Casas Cove > on a small island.


All-rounder, mid to long-range, high recoil




Zenia did a pretty fucking amazing job on this one. But I dont want Espada to see it or she’ll take it for herself. Im gonna hide it and leave the key with chorizo. I know I can trust him to keep it safe.


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