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Flare Blitz Location TM165 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Unleash the Roaring Flames with TM165

Greetings, fellow trainers! Are you ready to elevate your battles in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Introducing TM165, home to the awe-inspiring Flare Blitz move—a blaze of fiery power capable of igniting even the most intense showdowns. This guide will unveil the location of TM165 and delve into the wonders of Flare Blitz. Ready to harness the flames? Let’s dive in!

Discovering TM165 Flare Blitz:

TM165 is the gateway to Flare Blitz, a move that can significantly turn the tide of battles. Located behind a tree southeast of Medali in West Province Area Three, this coveted TM awaits your grasp. But that’s not all—once you secure your first copy, you’ll have the opportunity to craft additional ones at any Pokémon Center’s TM Machine.

Crafting Materials:

  • 12,000 League Points
  • Fletchling Feather x3
  • Growlithe Fur x5
  • Charcadet Soot x3

Gather these materials to craft more TM165 copies and ensure your Pokémon are always ready to unleash the scorching power of Flare Blitz.

The Flare Blitz Effect:

Flare Blitz is a blazing Fire-type move that exudes raw power. When deployed, the user inflicts colossal damage on the target. However, be prepared for a trade-off—Flare Blitz deals recoil damage to the user, equal to one-third of the damage dealt. But that’s not all—it also carries a 10% chance to burn the opponent, adding an extra layer of strategy to battles.

Mastering Flare Blitz:

Type: Fire Category: Physical Power: 120 Accuracy: 100 PP (Max PP): 15 (24) Effect: Inflicts recoil damage to the user equal to 1/3 of the damage inflicted. Possesses a 10% chance to burn opponents. Target: Single opponent Priority: 0 Special Groups:

  • Moves Affected by Sheer Force
  • Moves that Inflict Burn
  • Moves with Recoil Damage
  • Status Restoring Moves

Unlocking the Potential:

Flare Blitz is a move that can be learned by a diverse range of Pokémon. From Arcanine to Talonflame, Growlithe to Moltres, and many more. Pokémon that naturally learn Flare Blitz will greatly benefit from the potent combination of damage and strategic burn chances.

A Blaze of Triumph!

As you embark on your journey to uncover TM165 Flare Blitz in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, remember that wielding this fiery power requires careful strategy. With each unleashed Flare Blitz, you’re setting the battlefield ablaze, determined to emerge victorious. Craft additional copies to ensure your Pokémon are always primed for battle, and let the flames of Flare Blitz guide you to triumph in every encounter.

So, trainers, embrace the flames, seize TM165, and illuminate the path to success in the dazzling world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Your battles are about to burn brighter than ever before!

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