Evil Inside Achievements & Trophy List

Evil Inside Achievements & Trophy List Evil Inside Achievements Trophies

Evil inside achievements – Evil inside has 24 achievements and trophies to collect worth 1000g or to get a platinum trophy. This list will help you to get 100% completion in no time.

Evil Inside is a first-person psychological horror game. After the death of his mother and the arrest of his father for it, our protagonist Mark tries to contact her through the Spiritual board, which explodes mysteriously and causes Mark to fade away. That’s where it all began: a series of paranormal events will torment him while he tries to gather the fragments of the Spiritual board and thus, find what is really happening.

Evil Inside Achievements & Trophy List

  1. Inside of Evil Inside – Start a new game (15g)
  2. Complete 1 round – Complete the first round (30g)
  3. Complete 2 rounds – Complete the second round (80g)
  4. Master of unlocking – Decrypt the code (80g)
  5. Complete 3 rounds – Complete the third round (30g)
  6. Secrets in the dark – Zoom into the crack (30g)
  7. Complete 4 rounds – Complete the fourth round (30g)
  8. Light at the end of the tunnel – Obtain a lantern (30g)
  9. Complete 5 rounds – Complete the fifth round (30g)
  10. The observer – Find the lever (30g)
  11. Memories – Turn on the TV (30g)
  12. See the names of Gods – See the credits (00g)
  13. Complete 6 rounds – Complete the sixth round (30g)
  14. Be ready for the BBQ – Look for the matches (15g)
  15. God ends here – Light the candle (80g)
  16. Complete 7 rounds – Complete the seventh round (30g)
  17. Music for my ears – Turn off the gramophone (42g)
  18. Complete 8 rounds – Complete the eighth round (30g)
  19. Complete 9 rounds – Complete the ninth round (30g)
  20. Back to life – Revive (80g)
  21. Complete 10 rounds – Complete the tenth round (30g)
  22. Perfectionist – Touch the picture (30g)
  23. Smile – Obtain the camera (30g)
  24. Discover the truth – Complete the game (80g)


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