Elden Ring Quest Guide: Ranni/Fia/Rogier/D Quests

Elden Ring Quest Guide: Ranni/Fia/Rogier/D Quests

A Complete Ranni, Fia, Rogier & D Questline Guide Walkthrough and how to do all the quests at once. Doing these quests are needed for legendary weapons, secret endings and some really cool boss fights.

Weapons/Armor/Items Found

  • Legendary Darkmoon Greatsword
  • Legendary Mimic Ash
  • Twinned Armor
  • Fia’s Armor
  • Inseparable Sword
  • Fingerslayer blade
  • Carian inverted statue
  • Weathered Dagger
  • Discarded Palace Key
  • Dark Moon Ring
  • Curse mask of death
  • Remembrance of the Natural Born
  • Remembrance of Lichdragon
  • Mending Rune of the Death Prince


  • Rahdan
  • Mimic Tear
  • Baleful Shadow Invader
  • Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
  • Valiant Gargoyles
  • Fia’s Champions
  • Litchdragon Fortissax

IMPORTANT – You can finish Blaidd questline if you do all this are simply return to ranni’s rise, this will let you fight him for his armor and wolf mask. I will link a video here – https://youtu.be/IJUJqZIxEOQ

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