Elden Ring Lore

Elden Ring Lore

The Greater Will & The Outer Gods

The outer gods, what they are is somewhat ambiguous but at there very core they are the forces of nature, both natural and philosophical. They are the embodiments of all processes of life, death, order & chaos, they are fire & ice, love & hate and each of these embodiments tries to impose itself on the universe. They are referred to as the outer gods.

The main outer god you will encounter in the lands between is the greater will
It is said that long ago, the Greater Will sent a golden star bearing a beast into the Lands Between, which would later become the Elden Ring.

Now it seems that the outer gods, while powerful cant directly influence the world, they need a physical entity to do that on a physical plain. This is what the elden beast is, the physical embodiment of the greater will itself, creator of the elden ring, the Erdtree (as we see it anyway) and the golden order.
The greater will also has other physical embodiments to impose its will upon the lands between.

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Queen Marika, the vessel of the elden ring, tasked with using its power to take control of the lands between and remove anyone who opposes the golden order. Lastly the two fingers, serving as guides and mouthpieces for the greater will spreading its message to the lands between.

The greater will, had a plan for how life should be lived in the lands between and it called this way of life, the golden order.

A set of rules in which life is run, made possible by the power of the elden ring, one of those rules was of course no death, instead beings are reincarnated through the Erdtree. In exchange for getting these blessings the greater will desired obedience in return, but not everyone wanted to adhere to this new way of life.

Anyone who gets in the way of this is will be destroyed or driven away, the Greater Will through Marika and other influences destroyed the dragons, destroyed the giants, enslaved the Misbegotten, reviled the Omen, banished the Nox and cursed the Eternal Cities, and buried the entire clan of merchants alive.
For many years, queen Marika the vessel of the elden ring, hoarah loux the first elden lord, the children of Marika sought to impose the golden order.

However following the death of her child godwyn, and for many different reason’s. Marika decided she no longer believed in the greater wills ideals and sought to change them forever. Marika Shattered The Elden Ring With Her Hammer and split the different parts, which are the runes that make up the elden ring.

Whether the Greater Will Imprisoned Her or she chose to do so herself, Marika and Radagon become locked inside the Erdtree, with Radagon and Marika being the same person, they are locked in together despite Radagon remaining loyal to the greater will.

With the elden ring shattered and the pieces in the hands of the demi-gods, the power and influence of the greater will diminished in the lands between, some suggesting he had abandoned the world entirely as mentioned in the prologue.

However as we know this was not the case.

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The elden beast, the bodily incarnation of the greater will itself put forth the call to the tarnished, guided by the two fingers, to destroy all the demi-gods, collecting the runes of the elden ring and restoring the golden order to become Elden Lord.

Depending on how you choose to play the game, will ultimately decide the fate of the lands between and whether or not you side with the Greater Will.

The Frenzied Flame & The Remaining Outer Gods

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