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Elden Ring Armors: How To Get All 136 Chest Armors

All Armors in Elden Ring – How to get all the Armours in Elden Ring. Armours are a type of combat equipment used to negate physical or magical damage to the player and increase their resistances.

Armor Name Armor Location (How To Get)
Bull Goat Armor  Obtained From Patches In Volcanic Manor 
Fire Prelate Armor  Dropped From Fire Prelates 
Omen Armor  Dung Eater Questline 
Lionel’s Armor  Lower Capital Church Grace Point 
Tree Sentinel Armor  Tree Sentinels 
Veteran’s Armor  Purchase From Enia After Killing Commander Niall 
Radahn’s Lion Armor  Purchase From Enia After Killing Radahn 
Beast Champion Armor  Dropped By Killing Bernahl 
Banished Knight’s Armor  Defeat Banished Knight’s 
Scaled Armor  Defeat Old Knight Istavan 
Maliformed Dragon Armor  Defeat Tree Sentinel Farum Azula 
Royal Knight Armor  Purchase From Enia After Killing Loretta In Haligtree 
Crucible Tree Armor  Chest In Deeproot Depths 
Crucible Axe Armor  Crucible Knight Ordovis 
Cleanrot Armor  Dropped By Cleanrot Knight’s 
Blaidd’s Armor  During Ranni Quest 
Twinned Armor  D Hunter Questline 
Night’s Cavalry Armor  Night’s Cavalry In Consecrated Snowfields 
Maliketh’s Armor  Purchase From Enia After Defeating maliketh 
Redmane Knight Armor  Defeat Redmane Knight’s 
Mausoleum Knight Armor  Defeat Mausoleum Knight’s 
Leyndell Knight Armor  Defeat Leyndell Knight’s 
Haligtree Knight’s Armor  Defeat Haligtree Knight’s 
Cuckoo Knight’s Armor  Defeat Cuckoo Knight’s 
Hoslow’s Armor  Defeat Juno Hoslow 
Godrick Knight’s Armor  Defeat Godrick Knight’s 
Gelmir Knight Armor  Defeat Gelmir Knight’s 
Fire Monk Armor  Defeat Fire Monks 
Briar Armor  Purchase From Enia After Defeating Elemer of the Briar 
Blackflame Monk Armor  Defeat Blackflame Monks 
Royal Remains Armor  Defeat Ensha After She Attacks You 
Redmane Surcoat  Defeat Redmane Soldiers 
Mausoleum Surcoat  Defeat Mausoleum Soldiers 
Haligtree Knight’s Armor  Defeat Haligtree Soldiers 
Tree and Beast Surcoat  Defeat Godrick Soldiers 
Erdtree Surcoat  Erdtree Soldiers 
Cuckoo Surcoat  Defeat Cuckoo Soldiers 
Tree Surcoat  Purchase From Merchant In Atlus Plateu 
Eye Surcoat  Found on Ground After Defeating Rykard 
Fingerprint Armor  Defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke 
Vagabond Knight  Purchase From Merchant In Mountaintops of the Giants 
Raging Wolf Armor  Volcanic Manor Quests 
Knight Armor  Purchase From Enia 
Eccentric’s Armor  Defeat Witch Hunter Jarren Sellen Questline 
Bloodhound Knight Armor  Defeat The Bloodhound Knight At Gelmir Hero’s Cave 
All Knowing Armor  Defeat Gideon Ofnir 
Carian Knight Armor  Found At Raya Lucaria Academy 
Drake Knight Armor  Chest in Crumbling Farum Azula 
Exile Armor  Dropped By Castle Guards 
Elden Lord Armor  Purchase From Enia After Defeating Godfrey 
Blue Silver Mail Armor  Albinauric Archers in Liturgical Town 
Black Knife Armor  In A Chest Liturgical Town 
Guardian Garb  Erdtree Guardians In Lands Between 
Dirty Chainmail  Dropped By Albanaurics 
Marionette Soldier Armor  Defeat Marionette Soldiers 
Zamor Armor  Defeat Ancient Hero Zamor 
Scale Armor  Merchant In Weeping Peninsula 
Kaiden Armor  Dropped By Mercenaries 
Chain Armor  Purchase from Merchant Kale 
Ronin Armor  Yura’s Questline 
Scarlet Tabard  Dropped By Radahn Footsoldiers 
Nox Swordstress Armor  Dropped By Nox Swordstress In Nokstella 
Night Maiden Armor  Dropped By Night Maidens in Nokron 
Ivory Draped Tabard  Dropped By Haligtree Soldiers 
Footsoldier Tabard  Dropped By Footsoldiers 
Bloodsoaked Tabard  Dropped By Mausoleum Footsoldiers 
White Reed Armor  Spirit Caller Cave 
Leather Draped Tabard  Defeat Leyndell Soldiers 
Land of Reeds Armor  Purchase From Merchant In Dragonburrow 
Confessor Armor  Purchase From Merchant In Gelmir 
Chain Draped Tabard  Dropped By Footsoldiers In Weeping Peninsula 
Nox Monk Armor  Dropped By Nox Monks in Noxstella 
Lord of Blood Robe  Purchase From Enia After Defeating Mohg 
Vulgar Malitia Armor  Defeat Vulgar Malitiamen In Farum Azula 
Raptor’s Black Feathers  Sage’s Cave 
Melania Armor  Purhcase From Enia After Defeating Melainia 
Highwaymen Cloth Armor  Defeat Bandits in Murkwater Cave 
Blue Cloth Vest  Purhcase from Merhcant at Academy Gate 
Bandit Gard  Sold By Gostic 
Nomadic Merchant Finery  Subterranian Shunning Grounds 
Lusat’s Robe  Sorceress Sellen Quest 
Leather Armor  Defeat Patches 
Omenkiller Armor  Defeat Omenkiller at Perfumer’s Ruins 
Azur’s Glintstone Robe  Sorceress Sellen Quest 
Aristocrat Coat  Dropped By Undead Soldiers 
War Surgeon Gown  Defeat Nameless White Masks In Siofa River 
Gravekeeper’s Cloak  Dropped By Duelists in Leyndell 
Godskin Noble Robe  Defeat Godskin Noble 
Corhyn Robe  Dropped By Corhyn In Capital of Ash 
Rotten Gravekeepers Cloak  Dropped By Putrid Warden Duelists In Consecrated Snowfields 
Prophet Robe  Purchase from Hermit Merchant 
Perceptors Robe  Loot from Seluvis After Ranni Quest 
Noble Traveling Garb  East Windmill Pasteur Atlis Plateu 
Astrologer Robe  Purchase From Merchant In Liurnia of the lakes 
High Page Clothes  Defeat High Pages 
Shaman Furs  Defeat Ancestral Follower Shamans 
Perfumer Robe  Defeat Perfumers In Leyndell 
Page Garb  Defeat Pages in Leyndell 
Travelling Maiden Robe  Corpse in Shack of the Lofty Mountaintops of the Giants 
Snow Witch Robe  Chest in Renna’s Rise 
Sanguine Noble Robe  Defeat The Sanguine Noble 
Sage Robe  Corpse In Stillwater Cave 
Queen Robe  Purchase From Enia After Defeating Renalla 
Perfumer’s Traveling Garb  Corpse in Street of Sage Ruins 
Old Aristocrat Gown  Defeat Old Aristocrats Traveling Most Highways 
Mushroom Body  Cavern In Seethwater Cave 
Fur Raiment  Defeat Ancestral Follower’s 
Fell Omen Cloak  Purchase From Enia After Defeating Morgott 
Fia Robe  Complete Fia Questline 
Commoner’s Simple Garb  Corpse in Stormveil Castle 
Commoner Garb  Commoner Enemies Stormveil Castle 
Champion Pauldrons  Purchase from Merchant in Caelid 
Depraved Perfumer Robe  Dropped By Depraved Perfumer In Village of Albinaurics 
Aristocrat Garb  Dropped By Aristocrat Sorcerer’s 
Finger Maiden  Found In Church of Inhibition 
Traveler’s Clothes  Found In Haligtree Roots 
Official’s Attire  Corpse Close To Forbidden Lands Site of Grace 
Lazuli Robe  Dropped By Lazuli Sorcerer’s 
Festive Garb  Dropped By Dancers in Windmill Village 
Consort Robe  Kill Tanith 
Blue Festive Garb  Dropped By Dancers in Windmill Village 
Battlemage Robe  Dropped By Battlemage Enemies 
Upper Class Robe  Purchase From Hermit Merchant 
Ruler’s Robe  Corpse In Atlus Plateu 
Raya Lucarian Robe  Dropped By Raya Lucaria Sorcerer’s 
Maria’s Robe  Dropped By Maleigh Marias West of Shaded Castle 
Juvenile Scholar Robe  Ghost In Caria Manor 
Godskin Apostle Robe  Defeat The Godskin Apostle 
Errant Sorcerer Robe  Corpse In Hermit Village 
Alberich’s Robe  Corpse In Fortified Manor Leyndell 
Spellblade Traveling Attire  Dropped By Rogier 
Prisoner Clothing  Purchase From Merchant In Ainsel River 
Deathbed Dress  On The Bed in The Lower Capital Church Grace Point 
Cloth Garb  Murkwater Cave 
Goldmask’s Rags  Loot from Goldmask At the End of His Quest 

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