Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Slice of Life Mission Walkthrough

This page contains our Dragon Ball Z Kakarot walkthrough for the first in game mission slice of life.

Slice of Life Mission

  1. Collect Some Apples
  2. Keep Gohan close and make your way to the fishing spot
  3. Take Gohan with you to the fishing spot
  4. Try out some tail fishing
  5. Cook a fish over a campfire
  6. Talk to Gohan
  7. Head back to Goku’s house
  8. Talk to Chi-Chi and get her to make you some lunch
  9. Search the house
  10. Talk to Chi-Chi and get the boxed lunch from her

Slice of Life Guides

During the slice of life mission you might have difficulty setting a soul emblem, this video will help you to do that.

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